Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 23)

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<< Lord Of The Forest >>

Gold came and Clinton asked how the plan went with the rest of the
villagers, she scratched her hair and he asked her to go ahead.

Gold: It went pretty well.
Clinton: Nice one, me and my comrades will now prepare.
Gold: Good, well I told the people that the gods sent a warning to me
in the dream.
Clinton: And they believed you?
Gold: Why not, my grand mother was the head of the village shrine.
Clinton: Okay, thank you very much.
Gold: I should be the one to thank you people, I mean I and the villagers.
Clinton: Don't worry, it's nothing really.
Gold: Thank you, I will be on my way now.
Clinton: Alright.

Gold left.

Clinton: Alright comrades, it's time we get ready.
Boyo: Here we go!

The swordmen got their weapons ready, they checked if everything was intact.

Timo: All cleared!
Clinton: Good we also have to get ready for any unexpected attack.
Timo: Like?
Clinton: I was just thinking, maybe the lord of the forest has a spy
among the villagers. So we have to get ready, the number of bandits
might be higher this time.
Temi: You are right.
Clinton: Well, let's go and ask Gold to tell us the strategic
positions in the village.

They were about to open the door when Gold rushed in.

Clinton: What's it?
Gold: Someone is missing among the villagers. A twentyfive years old
man, he's nowhere to be found.
Clinton: He could be a spy for the lord of the forest.
Gold: I was thinking so too.
Clinton: That means the lord of the birds might come with more men,
and that means they will be too much for us.
Ebuka: I suggest the villagers run for now, maybe we will hold some
off and come back later.
Clinton: No, we have to find a way.
Boyo: We stick to the plan, we depend on the archers. They have to be
very fast, we will try our best.
Aisha: We will try our best.
Timo: Yea, yea.
Gold: Let me show you guys the place to launch your attacks. They will
hardly see you people there.
Clinton: Okay.

They followed Gold just as the sun was about to rise, she took the
archers to the higher part of the village.
The others waited in the main village.

The sun rose as Clinton, Boyo and Temi waited for the lord of the
forest to come with his men.
Gold came over.

Gold: Some villagers wants to join the fight.
Clinton: What? Tell them they can't.
Gold: I'm afraid I can't they said they can't sit back and watch
strangers save them.
Clinton: If that is the case, then that will be a suprise for the lord
of the forest.
Gold: (points to the road) Here they come.
Clinton: Okay, we got to do this, we got to do this.

The lord of the forest forest came with just twenty men and the boys
wondered why in their mind, the lord of the forest came together with
the village spy Jake, the lord of the forest was Usman.

Gold: Jake so you betrayed us.
Jake: Shut up Gold, we will crush you. You should thank your stars
that the rest of the men were killed in their last fight, so we will
take it easy.
Usman: You idiot! Must you voice everything out?
Clinton: (to Usman) Leave the villagers or pay the price!
Usman: You die not us. Men kill them.

Before Usman men charged Clinton quickly gave signal to the archers,
they shot down eleven men remaining nine for Usman.

Usman: What happened?
Temi: We warned you earlier before.

Usman and his men made to run but the villagers and the three of the
swordmen chased and caught up with them, the villagers with all the
weapons they carried killed Usman men but said they had a special
treatment for Usman and the spy Jake.

The three swordmen were quite sad that they didn't do anything.

Temi: We did nothing.
Clinton: Oh yea.

The three other archers caught up with them.

Ebuka: We did it.
Clinton: Yes you guys did it.
Timo: Now I can brag about this back home.
Clinton: Don't rejoice yet, we are yet to see the worse.

Gold came over, she smiled and hugged Clinton.

Gold: Thank you all, the villagers want to host you all to a feast.
Clinton: No, thank you. We have a long journey ahead of us.
Gold: Well, you people can take food items. The best local delicacies.
Ebuka: Yes.
Gold: Alright, I will go and get them.
Clinton: Wait what's the special treatment for the lord of the forest
and the spy?
Gold: Slow burning.
Clinton: Ahh!

Gold came back with some foodstuffs and gave them, she requested to
hug them and she did.
She waved them goodbye as they left.

Clinton: Brace up comrades! The journey is just getting started!


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