Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 11)

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<< A Special Treat >>

Boyo and Clinton waited for a few minutes before the lady gained
consciousness, it was almost getting dark and the two of them were
worried because they hadn't found anywhere to camp that night. A night
journey would be a big no for them since they don't know the terrain
well and also the fear of the unknown.

Lady: Where am I?
Clinton: At a stream, you are safe with us here.
Lady: What about those men?
Clinton: We chased those retards away, you should have seen the way
they ran like chickens fleeing from an eagle.
Lady: (smiling) Thank you very much, my name is Lucy.
Clinton: What a sweet name.
Lucy: Thanks.
Clinton: I am Clinton and my comrade over here is Boyo.
Lucy: That's nice, thanks the both of you for saving me.
Clinton: Oh, it's really nothing. Fighting evil swordmen is our hobby.
Lucy: (pointing at Boyo) What's that look at your comrade's face.
Boyo: Oh, you don't really need to worry.
Clinton: It's just that we haven't found a place to camp tonight and
it's already getting dark. We also don't really know about this place.
Lucy: That's nothing to worry about, I can take you both to where I
and my sisters stay. We would give you two a special treat.

Boyo and Clinton smiled at the mention of a special treat, they both
began fantasizing of the ladies being n.aked with them. They laughed
in their minds.

Clinton: A special treat? That would be so great.
Lucky: Ofcourse, you both will enjoy it. There's always a good reward
for hardwork, my sisters will be happy to welcome the both of you.
Clinton: Let's start going already.
Lucy: Alright, you both should follow me and don't look back.
Boyo: Why? It's some kind of weird. What's if a wild beast is chasing
us from behind?
Lucy: Don't worry, that's no wild beast over here.
Clinton: I'm thinking something.
Lucy: And what's that?
Clinton: Nothing really, I was just thinking (smiles).
Lucy: You two should promise me first that you wouldn't look back.
Clinton: We promise and will never go back on our words, that's our way.
Lucy: Okay, can we start going now?
Boyo: No, wait! I have to ease myself, just give me a minute.
Clinton: Be fast comrade, we got no time to lose.

Boyo was done with urinating and they started moving, the boys took
their horses with them as they walked towards a strange road. The road
was very much bright but it was dark on the other part.

Boyo: Clinton this road is kind of strange, it's like daytime over
there but it's getting darker here.
Lucy: You don't need to worry, only a few can see this road and I
selected the two of you.
Clinton: What are you?
Lucy: No questions, follow me.

The two of them followed her as they walked through the bright path,
as they were walking through the path Boyo's horse looked back and
dissappear. Boyo was visibly shaken and his mind was wide open, he
didn't look back so that he won't share the same fate with his horse.
Deep down Clinton was thinking about what Lucy was, what she meant
that only few could see the road. He thought of she being a witch but
erased it because she was so beautiful.

They appeared at a very beautiful and bright garden, there were many
fruits flowers. The huts were made of diamond, little humans just a
little bigger than butterflies were flying all around.
Clinton and Boyo could also see a blue lake, the place was also filled
with wonderful animals.

Clinton: Where are we?
Lucy: My home!

Clinton and Boyo looked at Lucky, her dress had changed to a white one
which barely reached her knees. And also in her right hand was a white
magic band.

Clinton: Are you a....
Lucy: I am my sisters are white witches.
Boyo: What are white witches?
Lucy: Good witches, we hate evil and love good.
Clinton: That's good, nice. Very nice of you people.

Three witches appeared, they were just as beautiful as Lucy

Lucy: These are my three sisters, Rosy, Emily and Rachael.

Rosy, Emily & Rachael: Welcome to our home!
Clinton & Boyo: Wow!
Lucy: Sisters I promised them a special treat. Shall we begin?

The three others responded positively.

Lucy and Rosy grabbed Clinton while Emily and Rachael grabbed Boyo,
they were both stripped of their clothes and placed in a warm bath.
The witches themselves were at that time semi n.aked as they scrubbed
the boys body, after the bath the boys had a chance to dance with the
charming witches.
Lucy and Rosy took Clinton took their room while Emily and Rachael
took Boyo. The boys spent the rest of the night satisfying them of
their s.exual desires.


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