Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 12)

If you missed the episode 11 of this story, please read it here


<< 3 Days Spent! >>

When Clinton and Boyo woke up the 4 white witches had been up for a
long time, the boys felt more better that morning.
They dressed up and went to the livingroom where there were many
fruits but the 4 white witches were not present there.

Boyo: Do you think we should just go ahead and eat?
Clinton: Yea, they kept it for us right?
Boyo: Maybe we could just wait for them a little time.
Clinton: I say we eat. After the special treat last night I think we
have to eat fruits to refresh ourselves.
Boyo: Aah! Talking about the special treat it was wow. So sweet and I
wished it never ended.
Clinton: Same here, I felt like I was in heaven. If only you had my
experience, the excitement was high. We were flowing together and
everyone was satisfied.
Boyo: Mahn, my experience was also wow. I would have prefered to stay
here but village calls.
Clinton: Yes, I think we will come back here some other time.
Boyo: Sure comrade.
Clinton: I'm hungry! Let's eat this fruits.
Boyo: Oh yes, I can't stand the hunger anymore.

The boys went to the table and ate to their satisfaction, they could
feel their energy building up.

Clinton: Mahn, I feel so good.
Boyo: Not just good but strong, I love this place.
Clinton: Do you think we should tell the people of our kingdom about here?
Boyo: No need, if they don't believe that Apha was killed by those
dark witches would they believe us if we tell them about this ones?
Clinton: That makes sense, we just have to face it. Apha is our
comrade so we are responsible for his life.
Boyo: Yes, we accept the punishment no matter what it is. That's what
comrades do and we wouldn't be an exception.
Clinton: That's the spirit bro.
Boyo: So let's go and look for our lovely ladies.
Clinton: Huh, tell me something. Is there any strange thing you notice
in this place?
Boyo: Strange? There's nothing strange here, here is perfect!
Clinton: It seems there's no time in this place, we don't know how
long we have been here.
Boyo: Uhm, we could ask the ladies.
Clinton: Sure.

The two of them came out and saw the witches singing, many animals and
beautiful creatures were there listening to the sweet and heavenly
voices of the four white witches.

Clinton: Oh man, what a sweet voice.
Boyo: They are angels comrade, I wish we could stay here forever.
Clinton: We need to get to the village first.
Boyo: The people might have pronounced us dead already.
Clinton: They could have, we have been away from home for a very long time.
Boyo: I can remember when Apha said he would them people about our
adventure, but now it isn't possible.
Clinton: That's what happens when someone dies, their dreams and plans
die with them. And in no distant time they would be forgotten.
Boyo: Are you saying that we would forget Apha one day?
Clinton: I fear so, as one lives on and make new friends, have new
experiences. Have a new purpose to fight for, have a new people to
protect. (remembering his time with Apha)These would erode his past
experiences and the new one will be in his heart.
Boyo: I pray that would not happen in the case of Apha, he will
forever remain in our hearts.
Clinton: Only time will tell comrade.

The white witches were done after sometime and they approached the boys.

Lucy: Hello, how are you two feeling?
Clinton: Quite fine.
Rosy: I hope you two enjoyed the special treat.
Clinton & Boyo: Sure!
Lucy: So Clinton what's the problem?
Clinton: I was just thinking. How long have we been here?
Lucy: What a smart guy you are, you have been here for three days in
your world.
Clinton & Boyo: What?
Lucy: (smiles) Yes.
Clinton: We ought to go now, the people will be waiting for us.
Emily: Don't be in a hurry, we have gifts for you two.
Boyo: What gifts?

Lucy and Rosy brought out two necklaces and wore the two boys.

Lucy: I know you two came back from the evil island, this necklaces
will protect you both from evil powers. Now you two should go and
never look back till you are out of here, your horses are waiting.
Clinton & Boyo: Thank you.

The boys found themselves again in the forest after walking for a
little distance, they found their horses and climbed them.

Clinton: We got to ride home fast.
Boyo: Sure!

They kicked their horses and they accelerated!


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