Comedy: Did She Slap You?

Clinton was doing his morning exercise when Livingstone came over.

Livingstone: My guy so you do exercise?
Clinton: Yes ofcourse I have to lose weight.
Livingstone: Eh? You are a little bit fat, you are good like that.
Clinton: My babe want me to do it.
Livingstone: No problem sha, there's this girl I want to toast. Ehen
Nnneka. What should I tell her?
Clinton: Hehehe, are you a learner? Tell her your are a bad cool guy,
tell her sweet things.
Livingstone: But guy, that girl temper is somehow o.
Clinton: Go jare.

When Livingstone left Clinton laughed and said Nneka go kill you today.

Livingstone approached Nnneka.

Livingstone: Hey baby.
Nnneka: Eh eh eh, don't baby me. Are you not the one that impregnanted
my sister and ran away?
Livingstone: Baby that's another Livingstone, I can't do that.
Nnneka: Get out of my sight.
Livingstone: Baby.

Kpa! Kpa! Kpa! Three heavy slaps landed on Livingstone's face.
Nneka also poured water on him and he ran away.

Livingstone ran to Clinton's house.

Clinton: Livingstone what happenned to your face? Why is it red? And
the water on your body. Did she slap you?
Livingstone: No bros I was climbing mango when some ants bite me, and
a stupid Okada man splashed water on me.
Clinton: Ehya sorry.

As they were talking Nnneka and her friends were passing by.

Nnneka: Can you imagine? That useless boy that calls himself
Livingstone came to toast me today.
Friend 1: Ehen?
Nnneka: Trust me, I show am pepper. I gave three dirty slaps and
poured him water.
Friend 2: Give me five, I trust you jare.

Nnneka and her friends laughed.

Meanwhile Clinton and Livingstone heared them.

Clinton: Sho, so that small girl did this to you. Bad guy like you.
Livingstone: No try me o.
Clinton: Abeg, mai hear word.


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