Explanation To The Poem "A Wounded Heart"

The poem "A Wounded Heart" is a very interesting one, it clearly
talked and pointed out the key things happening in our life and world.

From lying down at the ground to standing up and wiping my tears in
the poem means taking a great decision, to make the world a more
better place no matter the obstacles.

The poem also identified that life was in layers meaning the steps of
life, the more you climb higher the situation becomes harder. This is
true, remember when you were a little kid and now you would realise
that you have new tougher challenges than you had as a kid.

In this life things become harder like rocks (simile) and only the
strongest ones can dig in harder, so therfore the weak suffers.

Another hard truth is that there is a group of people who call
themselves elite, they don't work but use others after deluding them
and so they gained control over the world.

The more you grow up you will begin to see the unpleasant side of
life, the dirty side of the world which childhood hid for us.

The person in the poem after evaluating all that had happened in his
life and his experiences vowed to make the world a better place.

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You can read the poem here

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