How To Make Your Xmas Celebration A Memorable One

Hohoho, we are at it again! This day is a special one for mankind, it
is the day both Christian faithfuls and non-christians remember the
birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

Many people have already planned how the day is going to be for them,
I trust Nigerians! Even though the economic recession is hitting hard
Nigerians never fails to impress the whole world.

Hohoho! I know you must have planned how today was going to be for you
and your are already prepared/preparing, but wait!
You are all fans of so we will like to help you out.

1.) Hangout With The Less Privileged:
Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and what
do Jesus Christ always preach? Love! Love your neighbour as you love
Hanging out with the less privilege and helping them out will not only
make your Xmas memorable, but you will be deeply satisfied for doing
what Christ always preach (LOVE).

2.) Hang Out With Old Friends:
What will bring back the memory of the good old days than hanging out
with your old friends?
Hanging out will tell will bring back the old memories, you all will
share the experiences you all have in life. You will learn new things
and feel connected again.

3.) Visiting Places Of Natural/National Interest:
After coming back from the church you can go to any place of natural
or national interest.
When you are one on one with the beauty of nature you will feel more alive.
And also when you visit place of national importance your love for the
country grows, and Christ preaches love.
You can also brag about the visit to your friends.

4.) Make Important Decisions In Your Life:
For those of you who don't really like noise like me, this is a time
for you to keep calm and make important decisions.
You will have all the time you need to think since almost everyone
will be out for the celebration.

If you have anything to add please use the comment box below.

Please be yourself this Christmas, care for the needy and also be
security conscious.

Thanks for reading! cares about you!

We wish you a merry Christmas!

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