Is The Nigerian Police Meant To Protect Only For The Elite?

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Well let's go straight to what the article is all about.

The Nigeria police duty they say is to protect the lives and
properties of the people, is this really what is happening?

Why am I asking if the Nigerian police is meant only for the elites?
Follow me and you will get to know. Actually what made me to write
about this is the Rivers state rerun election, I was on a car on my
way to Ahoada when it was being announced on radio that twentyfive
thousand policemen were going to be deployed to Rivers state because
of the election rerun.
I was somehow shocked and thought that I heared five thousand, it was
announced again that it was twentyfive thousand. People in the car
were also suprised.

Why did the federal government send a very large number of policemen
in an election that would not take place in all parts of the state?

The driver and the people in the car were insulting the police and the
government, they kept talking about the matter.

Why were they insulting the police and the government? It is exactly
the same reason why I asked whether the Nigerian police force is meant
for only the elite.

The words of the drivers and the passengers were; where police dey
when dem dey kill kill people? Mumu people na money dem only sabi. If
dem hear gun now dem go run enter inside bush, dem dey stay for road
when area hot? Dem just wan rig the election with police.

Why would they say all this things? Like I said before it is exactly
the same reason why I asked if the Nigerian police force is meant to
protect only for the elite?

How would you feel when you ask your guardian for money to pay your
school fees and he tells you to wait for a month, then you later
discovered after hustling yourself that he had the money and
delibrately refused to give you?

That's how they felt.

Almost everyone knew what happened in Rivers state that went bloody
late last year till late this year, where was the police and the
federal government?

Where were they when people were killed everyday both during the day
and at night (at Rivers state)? The federal government and the
Nigerian police were no where to be found, they abandoned the masses
and thousands lost their lives.

During this time you will see the police running away when they hear
gunshots or get the information that cultists would soon reach their
checkpoint, the police and the federal government abandoned the people
for years.

If twentyfive thousand policemen where deployed to stop the crisis
many people would have still been alive, the source of living of many
people in the state (especially ONELGA) would have still been there.

During those days when we lived in fears and cries were heared in
ONELGA day and night the federal government and police did nothing,
but now since the election was for the interest of the elite thousands
of policemen were deployed to the state.

I am not against the deployment of the policemen but I hope you all
reading have understood my point.
It wasn't as if the police were deployed by the federal government for
the safety of the people, it was for the protection of the elite

If things go this way the Nigerian police will reduce itself to boys
scout, the people will have no respect for them.

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