POEM: The Red Letter Day

A special moment with them
Looking up to the stars at night
The smiles on everyone faces
The sweet touch of them
The greatest melody of all

Looking towards the sky through my window
With my face bright in remembrance
Sweet memories bouncing back
That freshness I long for in my head

Days come and go
Time flies so fast and speed
I wish those moments could be replayed
What a sigh it's all gone
And will forever remain in my memory

Wishes and fantasy
Dreams and reality
I can't help but smile when I look back to those moments

The touches are gone
The melodies are gone
The freshness is gone
The wishes can't be true
Time can't be replayed

The day lives on
Looking toward another in the future
They are all memories
The good spirits blessed those moments

© COPYRIGHT!! This Poem Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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