Rap Freestyle: Vote For Me

It has been a while since I freestyled, so I'm going drop some lines tonight.


Vote for me but I no be politician
I just wan solve Naija problem like a mathematician
Too many acid mai open chemistry to find solution
Vote me and I go stop air pollution
I get my instinct for this matter
I go try for una well so tey una go call me papa

Vote for me make you stop to drink garri
Kuz na chicken me carry
You go pop champagne for party floor
All dey girls go dey wait for your door

I go make sure sey everywhere dey neat
Na for big man chair una go seat
I swear my campaign promise no go dey for repeat
This country go bounce back like sey I knack beat

Good education and sanitation
Preservation of culture and tradition
New yam festival go dey like Christmas
So tey oyinbo go think sey we get 9ja Xmas

I so suprise my opponents like Donald Trump
Shey na money you want me self dey pump
Brother as wizkid talk no dulling
As I dun be presido no falling.

Hehehe, I hope you enjoyed it.

© COPYRIGHT!! This Freestyle Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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