Short Xmas Story: The Evil Santa

The Chritsmas celebration was being held at the Eagle square in
Nigeria, eveyone was in high spirit.
A lot of gifts were exchanged by family and friends, the less
privileged were also attended to.

Santa was busy sharing gifts when some intruders with an evil Santa
stormed the place, they fired gunshots on the air.

Everyone lied down where they were, the evil Santa and his men tied up
the real Santa Claus.

Evil Santa: Today marks the end of christmas, hahaha. Your real Santa
will be dead tommorow and there will be no more gifts. Hahaha, hahaha.

The evil Santa and his men ran off with the real Santa.

There was commotion in the Eagle square but the security operatives
who were earlier knocked out assured them of safety, the children
where sad because they expected more fun.

Three teens Favour, Samuel and Wilson were not very really happy.

Favour: Are we just going to sit here?
Samuel: What can we do?
Wilson: Let's stroll out a little, maybe something might keep us happy.

The boys walked out as the occasion started again without Santa.

They heared a noise near the car garage, they went to look and they
heared the Evil Santa and his men talking in the Nigerian pidgin.

Evil Santa: Oboy, make this idiots come do christmas na. Recession dey
worry dem dey do Xmas, (to Santa Claus) Oga wetin you get there?
Santa Claus: Just gifts.
Evil Santa: I dey craze? I go break your head collect those gifts.
Santa Claus: Okay take the gifts but don't harm the people.
Evil Santa: Na just toy gun we carry jare.
Evil man: Why you tell am sey na toy gun? E fit run o.
Evil Santa: E no fit try am, we dey five na

Meanwhile the three boys have been listening to their conversation.

Favour: Let's go and call the security.
Wilson: Sure.

The three boys went over and reported everything to the security
officials, ten of them followed the boys to the scence.

They rounded the evil Santa and his four men.

Security 1: Lie down! You are all under arrest.
Evil Santa: Shut up, I will shoot this Santa.
Security 2: Mr. Man we know it's just a toy gun.
Evil Santa: Chineke! Oluwa o!

They handcuffed the evil santa and his men, they were transported to
the prison immediately.

The real Santa went back to the occasion and everyone was happy to see
him again.

Samuel: We did it!
Wilson & Favour: Yes!


I know you like it, Merry Christmas!

© COPYRIGHT!! This Story Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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