Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 10 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 9 of this story, please read it here


Erigga went out as Bobo called his name, Bobo was suprise judging from
the look on his face. Not only Bobo but also others who stood by the
roadside, the expression on their faces showed that something bad had
Erigga reached where Bobo was and asked him what the problem was.

Bobo: Mahn Chris dun die.
Erigga: Eh? You say? How e take die?
Bobo: Na them come the kidnapping operation for that site wey we been work.
Erigga: Chei! You mean am? How e take die?
Bobo: Army catch them na, them finish Chris and him cult members wey
go the operation.
Erigga: Oboi, na so the guy take go?
Bobo: Naso we see am. To do bad thing no good.
Erigga: I hope sey nothing do the engineers sha.
Bobo: Yes, nothing do them ojere.
Erigga: Okay, mai go collect money go buy phone for market.
Bobo: Okay na, nothing do you.

Erigga went inside and dressed up, he took money to buy phone and he
zoomed off to the market. He bought Nokia110 since it was cheap and he
also registered a new sim card.

He reached home relaxed after he had bought recharge card from a
nearby store, it was 5pm now. He dialed Terry's number and informed
him that he now had a phone, he also asked if there was any news about
Juliet and the answer was negative.

After he was done he brought out the sheet of paper Jennifer wrote her
digits, before he dialed her number he had a backup plan just in case
her fiance picked the call.
He dialed her number and the call was answered.

Erigga: Hello
Male Voice: Who's this?
Erigga: (remembering the backup plan) I am Erigga, I want to speak
with madam Jennifer.
Male Voice: I am her fiance, you can tell me the message you have for
her and I will deliver it when she's not busy.
Erigga: Okay sir, tell madam that there was a kidnapping operation
this morning at the building site.
Male Voice: What? Thank God she left.
Erigga: Yes sir, but the Army caught up with the kidnappers and killed
them. To our suprise one of them was a former worker in the site.
Male Voice: Damn! Some people are so heartless.
Erigga: Yes sir, just make sure she gets to know.
Male Voice: Alright, what did you say was you name?
Erigga: Erigga.
Male Voice: Okay, I will let her know.

The call ended, Erigga was happy that he had a backup plan. He was now
expecting her call because if he makes any more calls her fiance will
become suspicious.

Meanwhile Pascal and Papilo was still in Delta, they have been living
in fear that Erigga might have a revenge on them. They had asked Terry
if he knew the whereabout of Erigga and he lied to them.

Pascal: You sure sey Erigga no die for the fire?
Papilo: Maybe, because if sey e never die e for dun attack us since na.
Pascal: I think so, sha make lecturer Linus no find out the real truth o.
Papilo: E no fit. Who go tell am? Make we enjoy jare.
Pascal: No shaking.

Unknown to the both of them lecturer Linus was actually doing his
investigation, and when he his done. Only time will tell.

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