Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 11 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 10 of this season, please read it here


Erigga waited for about a week and yet he received no call from
Jennifer, neither did he know of the whereabout of Juliet. He sat
thinking in the shop at the front of their rented apartment, he and
Bobo had started selling movies and provision. The business was going
quite well, Bobo was not in the house because he went out with Ngozi
on a date.
It had been long since he laid down with a lady because the shop now
keeps him always busy, that day he was thinking about his moments with
Jennifer and Juliet. He didn't know which was better, he was quite
lucky to meet the two of them but now they were away.

Erigga wanted fun that night, he thought of going to a brothel and
then the fair skin lady he fvcked at the bar sometime ago came into
his mind. He remembered that he had her number in a piece of paper, he
went inside after putting the shop in the hands of a good neighbour.
He searched thoroughly in the room and the room was in disorder, he
then remembered the trouser he wore to the bar.
He checked the trouser and found the paper which was very soft now
since he had washed the trouser. He arranged the room in order and
returned to the shop, Bobo would be at the shop that night so he can
have all the fun he wants. He dialed her digits and it was not
answered at first but during the second trial it was answered.

Female Voice: Hello.
Erigga: I'm fine angel.
Female Voice: Do I know you?
Erigga: Yes, I'm the guy who told you to fvck yourself with bottle at
the bar sometime ago.
Female Voice: Oh, I remember. Bad boy.
Erigga: Yea, I want to have fun tonight so can you come over to my
house tonight?
Female Voice: Yes, but get your money ready and I will give you a
special treat you will never forget.
Erigga: Oh mahn, you are getting me crazy. Don't worry about the
money, I will pay you good.
Female Voice: Alright, just give me your address and I will be there
by 8pm, and by the way my name is Cynthia.

Erigga told Cynthia his address and she promised to be there by 8pm
prompt, Erigga immediately sent someone to get him condoms.

When Bobo came back around 6pm Erigga told him about his plan that
night, he wanted to hesistate but Ngozi promised to keep him company
at the shop.

Just exactly 8pm Cynthia alighted from a bike in front of the shop
while Erigga was waiting there for her already, she wore a jean
bumpshot and a white T-shirt together with her high heel.
Erigga paid the bike and accompanied Cynthia to the room as Bobo and
Ngozi teased them to enjoy themselves.

They both settled the price and the show began.

Erigga sat on the chair and played music as he watched her twerk with
bumpshot on, Erigga wanted to see the real thing so he told her to
remove the bumpshot. Erigga went really crazy as he watch her twerk
with her n.aked ass. She turned to face Erigga as she danced so sexy,
she removed the T-shirt and squeezed her boobs. She bent down as she
danced as if she was on drugs.

She approached Erigga and sucked his d.ick as he was yet to wear his
condom, she sucked it so hard till Erigga directed her to stop.

After he wore the condom he ass-licked Cynthia as she moaned and he
switched over to finger her, her moans echoed round the roam as the
music had stopped playing.
Erigga sat back at the chair as Cynthia climbed him and inserted his
d.ick at her pvssy with both facing each other, the atmosphere was
sexy as both hugged each other as they fvcked. After ten minutes
Cynthia came and Erigga told her to lie down on the bed as he fvcked
her very fast, as he was fvcking Cynthia in the missionary position
his phone rang three times but he didn't pay attention to it.

Erigga released and they both rested for another round, Erigga brought
out another condom and fvcked her two holes for two more rounds. They
both went beast mood as they both fvcked each other like their lives
depended on it, Cynthia seem to be better in bed than both Jennifer
and Juliet. They fvcked till they got tired and slept off.

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