Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 12 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 11 of this season, please read it here


Erigga woke up early in the morning with Cynthia n.aked by his side,
his hands touched his phone and he checked the time. He also saw three
missed, he remembered that his phone had been ringing when he was
fvcking Cynthia last night. He checked the who the caller was, and it
was Jennifer! He was so suprised, the excitement he had while fvcking
last night made him not to check who the caller was. He missed it!
Right now he didn't know the time to call Jennifer, she could be with
her hubby when he calls and her hubby might be suspicious.
He decided to calm down and call when he thinks the time was right, he
looked at Cynthia who was naked with her legs wide open. He placed his
finger inside her pvssy and she woke up.

Cynthia: Bad boy na wetin you wan do eh.
Erigga: I just wan finger you small.
Cynthia: Eh? We only agreed for a night and this is morning.
Erigga: Nawa so no extra round self.
Cynthia: No worry.
Erigga: Oya na.
Cynthia: Make we enter bathroom, so we fit clean up after the stuff.
Erigga: No shaking jare.

Cynthia and Erigga went inside the bathroom, they brushed first.
Erigga hugged her with his d.ick erect, she balanced on the wall of
the bathroom as Erigga fvcked her ass. It was just a 10 minutes s.ex
and the both of them had their bath with Erigga always looking at
Cynthia's naked body and her assests. This made her to keep laughing
and smiling.
When they both were done and headed over to the room, Erigga told her
to strike a pose n.aked which she did and Erigga snapped her pics in
her n.aked state.
Erigga paid her and accompanied her to the front of the house where
Ngozi and Bobo who had already woke up waited at the shop, he paid the
bikeman and waved her goodbye for now.
As Erigga entered entered the shop smiling Bobo and Ngozi hailed him.

Bobo: Bros I know sey you dun finish the girl.
Erigga: No be so you dey finish Ngozi.
Ngozi: Bobo na bad boy o.
Bobo: Baby me na good boy o.
Erigga: I dun hear, this one wey una two dun wear travelling clothes
like this wetin happen?

Bobo and Ngozi told him that they were going to her village because
Bobo have always wanted to see her village, Erigga wished them safe
journey and they left.

Erigga stayed in the shop and was smoking when his phone rang, it was
Jennifer! He answered the call immediately.

Erigga: Hello.
Jennifer: My baby how are you?
Erigga: I'm very fine beauty.
Jennifer: I called you three times yesterday's night.
Erigga: Yes, I slept early yesterday.
Jennifer: And you didn't call when you saw the missed calls this morning.
Erigga: I didn't know the right time to call na, I was afraid your
hubby might pick the call.
Jennifer: I understand, we did our wedding three days ago and tomorrow
we would be leaving for our honeymoon at Dubai.
Erigga: That's good.
Jennifer: Don't worry after we come back after a week we will meet.
Erigga: Is that really possible?
Jennifer: Yes na, hubby works two weeks on and off at offshore.
Erigga: I can't wait for the day to come.
Jennifer: Me too, I will call you when we get back.
Erigga: Okay dear.

Erigga was so happy that he will soon meet Jennifer, the dream he had
sometime ago flashed in his mind but he waved it off as an ordinary


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