Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 13 (18+)

If you didn't read the episode 12 of this season, please read it here


Erigga was about closing the shop around 10pm when Ngozi and Bobo
returned back from their journey, there was much smile on their faces
as they came down from the car with some stuffs probably gifts goten
from the village. Erigga wondered what could have made the both of
them so happy unlike never before, he watched how they came down from
the car and how how they smiled at each other hugging themselves after
the car that dropped them drove off.
Earlier that morning they were just ready for a journey like any other
person, but their mood were so unlike before.
They left with nothing but came back with loads of some many things,
Erigga wondered how Bobo could buy all those things himself. Or could
it be Ngozi? He thought. But Ngozi was just a regular nurse, and
wouldn't probably be able to afford all those for herself and Bobo.
Something must be going on and Bobo didn't want to tell me about it,
Erigga thought. He remembered that for the past four days Ngozi and
Bobo were always deep in conversations but stopped whenever he met
them. He shaked off and let things be.

They both approached and greeted Erigga.

Erigga: Nawa o, since morning na now una dey return?
Bobo: Yes na.
Erigga: Wetin una bring for me.
Ngozi: (hands a long bread) Oya take this.
Erigga: Thank you. You will make a good wife for my friend o.
Ngozi: Thank you.
Erigga: So how the journey go, because una just dey hug una self anyhow.
Bobo: I go gist you later, make we enter inside go relax first.
Erigga: Okay na, me go dey wait for room.

Erigga closed the shop and went inside his apartment, for the past few
days Bobo have always been at Ngozi's room. Erigga made tea and ate
the bread given to him, after he was done he turned on his small T.V
and was watching Avengers.
Bobo came through the door and they both greeted, Bobo said he had
something to tell Erigga and Erigga told him to go ahead.

Bobo told him that they went to the city and not a village as he and
Ngozi earlier claimed, he said they met Ngozi's parents and they liked
him. He said he and Ngozi would be packing tommorow to the city, and
their traditional wedding will be next week and would be taken care of
by Ngozi parents. He also said they had found him a job.
When Erigga asked about his police case he said Ngozi parents have
taken care of the issue, they talked for sometime and Erigga wished
him well as he left the room.

As Bobo left the room, Erigga started thinking about what he said. So
he was going to be alone again. He needed some plans to cope up.

Just as he was about to sleep his phone rang, he checked it and it was
Terry calling.

Erigga: My man howfar?
Terry: I dey gidigbam.
Erigga: So wetin dey sup?
Terry: Mahn, Juliet go soon marry o.
Erigga: What? How did you know?
Terry: She contacted Martha, she is going to wed a warri based billionaire.
Erigga: Mahn see fvck up!
Terry: Naso e dey be sometimes.
Erigga: Sha, thanks for informing me.
Terry: No problem boss.

Erigga was feeling so bad, now he was so sure that Juliet wasn't going
to his. He thought about it till sleep came.


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