Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 14 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 13 of this season, please read it here


Erigga was waken up by the sound of a car around 5am, he stepped out
of the room and found out that it was Bobo and Ngozi. He was so
suprised, they didn't even bother to say goodbye to him. He was
somehow angry but he cleared the issue by saying what has happened has
happened. He needed a new plan now that he was alone, he thought of
what he could do by himself. It was too early for him to go out since
he was yet to be familarized with the environment, so he went back to
his room and started watching X-men in his small television.
He dozed off and woke up around 8am, he brushed so fast so that he
could open the shop quickly. He normally opened the shop by 7am, by
the time he got to the shop some of his customers were already there
waiting for him.

Customer 1: Oga mi you no open early today o.
Erigga: No vex my man.
Customer 1: Nothing do you, I come buy the season 2 of that film
Clinton and the 7 witches.
Erigga: E dey.
Customer 1: I swear the film make sense die, na better films you dey sell jare.
Erigga: Trust me na.
Customer 2: I wan buy two blue films, asian and arab.
Erigga: That one dey.
Customer 2: I trust you na, you too much.
Customer 3: Them dun release the latest season of Emeka the journey of life?
Erigga: Yes na, since.
Customer 3: You get am?
Erigga: Sure, mai bring am.
Customer 3: Oga o, you dey up to date o. Other people wey dey sell
film for this town no get the kind correct films wey you get o. Infact
shake me.
Erigga: Nothing do you.
Customer 3: I go come with my friends here tommorow.
Erigga: Thank you boss.
Customer 4: You get Okorowanta album?
Erigga: Sure na.
Customer 4: You too much jhoor, give me ten mai give my friends too.
Erigga: You too much

Erigga enjoyed a better relationship between him and his customers,
they knew him more than Bobo because Erigga stayed there most time and
also he was a very friendly guy.
He had many ladies as customers and had one time or the other even
fvcked them. Many film sellers in the town had abandoned the business
because Erigga had won the hearts of their once loyal customers, they
had even accused him of using juju but that didn't stop him from
getting more customers.

As he was eating the food he bought from mama put one of his neighbour
called Johnson met him in the shop.

Erigga: Johnson come chop oh.
Johnson: Enjoy yourself jhor.
Erigga: Wetin dey happen na.
Johnson: That your friend Bobo betray you o.
Erigga: (suprised) How?
Johnson: Ngozi been wan tell her father to help you but Bobo say no
because you dun steal car before.
Erigga: Chai, I dun die.
Johnson: Na wetin I just come tell you. Make you dey aware.
Erigga: Thank you.

Erigga was lost in his thoughts before a customer made him to recover himself.


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