Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 15 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 14 of this story, please read it here


After Erigga was through with the customer who made him recover from
the suprise he heard from Johnson, he went back to his chair and his
phone rang. He checked who it was and it was Terry, he hoped that it
wasn't about Juliet again.

Erigga: Chairman.
Terry: Oga o, something dun happen.
Erigga: Tell me jhor, na wetin happen?
Terry: Police dun arrest Pascal and Papilo.
Erigga: Na wetin dem do?
Terry: Lecturer Linus dun find out sey them follow you sell the car.
So him dun close your case, remaining for you to sign.
Erigga: You sure?
Terry: Yes na, shey I go lie for you. Mai send you Lecturer Linus number.
Erigga: Okay, thank you.
Terry: No shaking, you be my man sha.
Erigga: So anything about Juliet?
Terry: Ehen she dun do secret wedding with the warri based billionaire
for U.S.A, she won't be coming to Nigeria for like ten years time.
Erigga: Okay na, that one dun go.
Terry: You never get any babe for that side?
Erigga: Not really sha, I just dey observe.
Terry: Me and Martha dun dey date sha.
Erigga: Badt guy, no shaking sha.

After Erigga was done with the call Terry texted him the lecturer's
number, he thought maybe he would be arrested when he appears at the
police station but he had to go or else he might be running for the
rest of his life.

He told one of his trusted neighbour Femi to look after his shop, he
dressed up immediately and got a car at the highway. He called
lecturer Linus while he was still on his way, lecturer Linus assured
him that nothing was going to happen to him.

Erigga got to the police station which was still under repair and he
met Linus already there, the lecturer saw him and they both went
inside and settled Erigga's case. Lecturer Linus said he only released
him because he suffered what only him didn't do, he thanked the
lecturer so much and even shed tears. Erigga didn't bother to see the
two others in the cell, he immediately called Terry to meet him at
mama Chidinma's bar.

Terry: Thank God sey everything dun dey over o.
Erigga: Na so my guy.

They talked for some time and Erigga decided to go back to Rivers that
evening, he reached around 9pm. He called out his neighbours and
bought drinks for all of them, he played music and everyone was in a
joyous mood after he explained what had just happened.
After the celebration was over he went inside his room and said this is over!


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