Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 16 (18+)

If you missed the episode 15 of this season, please read it here


A month passed but yet no call from Jennifer, Erigga didn't know why
she hadn't called. She had promised to call after coming back from
Dubai with her husband, they were supposed to be back within a week
but there was no sign that she would call. Erigga's mind was now not
much attached to her, maybe she was just lieing.

Erigga had been very busy in the shop now since he was now alone,
atleast he was getting very high returns. He always said no pain, no
gain and that has always been his motto since he was alone.

The town he settled now had many new occupants, an oil company had
just started work on the town and so many people flooded the town.
Both those that came for employment oppurtunities and those who came
to open their businesses in the town due to the influx of oil workers.
The less noisy town was now going to be more busy. That wasn't a
problem for Erigga because the influx of oil workers and the the
opening of new businesses means more money for him, he was now going
to work very harder he said to himself.

He have goten many more new customers lately due to that, many also
pay him to find house for rent for them. He have been earning extract
bucks through that, just now he was one of the popular guy in town but
hardly have time to go out due to his busy schedule. He had been
thinking on going on other businesses and sell his shop to someone, he
laughed to himself and said that the going away of Bobo and Ngozi was
indeed a blessing for him.
Talking about Bobo and Ngozi, he had heared nothing from them ever
since they left and he himself didn't bother because of the way the
two left.

Erigga had wished of making the town his permanent home, he loved the
town more and had joined community groups within the last weeks. He
had gained the acceptance of the people, his up to date movies were
also what made him popular. Whenever people wants to buy movies they
were always directed to his shop and even though the other movies
sellers who closed their shops because of him claims he used juju his
customers kept increasing.

One thing that made him happy at the moment was that he was able to
cashout before MMM collapsed, he had always known that the system
would collapse one day so he quickly cashed out late November.

He was now planning to invest in land since land was cheaper in the
town, he would sell them later when the value increases. He was
planing his life very well now.

He was also targeting to join politics in the town and register as an
indigene, what motivated him to plan that was the oil company that
just started operations and that means more money for the youths.

Cynthia was out of town and due to the workload on Erigga he only have
quickie with some of his female customers.

Erigga is now free like the birds of the sky, and his happiness knew no limit.

Will anything happen to change Erigga and crush his happiness?

You just have to follow this story and see for yourself.

This Is The End Of Season 2, Watch out For The Season 3.


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