Story: Erigga Season 2, Episode 9 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 8 of this season, please read it here


It was now 7am, Bobo have been looking for Erigga all this time after
he was done with Ngozi that morning. He came out of the house and
looked at the other side of the road, he saw Erigga still drinking.

Bobo: Nigga why are you drinking this early morning?
Erigga: You go understand if I tell you, but e go be later.
Bobo: Oya na, do make we start to dey go work.
Erigga: Alright na, make we dey walka.

They both got to the building site and they didn't also see Chris.

Erigga: E be like sey Chris dun get another work o.
Bobo: Which kind work e know how to do, you know sey e hard to get
work for this town eh. We dey lucky sey we find job self.
Erigga: E cult guys them fit arrange am work na, na so the spirit of
brotherhood dey.
Bobo: Abeg, na to dey carry gun be work? Nothing that guy sabi do.
Erigga: Hmm, sha till we jam a.
Bobo: Egbon, jam who? Who wan jam that madman? That nigga fit do
anyhow throw person bullet o.
Erigga: Na so the guy take bad reach?
Bobo: Yes o, so just dey careful if you jam am
Erigga: Alright my man, thank you.
Bobo: No problem my guy.

They resumed working and just in 15 minutes time seven gun men entered
the building site, they shot sporadically into the air.
The workers scampered for safety and ran to hiding inside the
buildings, the gunmen went straight for the engineers. They dragged
the engineers outside to their waiting car, they continued shooting.

Erigga and Bobo hid themselves in the same place.

Erigga: Oboi, e be like sey this area hot o.
Bobo: Mahn, I tell you.
Erigga: Chai, work dun spoil be that o.
Bobo: How?
Erigga: The owner of this building go stop work.
Bobo: Chai, how we go take manage?
Erigga: Hope dey, Jennifer give me small thing.
Bobo: Ehen, I no talk am.
Erigga: You na prophet.

Everywhere calmed down and all the workers started coming out of
hiding, the owner of the building had asked policemen to stop the
construction with immediate effect.

As the workers were going home five army hilux in chase of the gunmen
passed them.
Many of the workers were complaining of how they have nowhere to work again.

When Erigga and Bobo reached home he told Bobo everything that
happened between him and jennifer, he opened the envelop and saw the
sum of N150,000.
He and pascal rejoiced as they saw the money.

Bobo: Oboi we dun blow o.
Erigga: Naso my guy, make we just think about the business wey go give
us better profit for this area.
Bobo: Make we open store for outside na, we go dey sell movies and provisions.
Erigga: You head correct, make we try am. Everything na trying.
Bobo: Good.
Erigga: We go buy phones for evening. Mai rest small.

Erigga slept and dreamt when he was having sex with Jennifer and a guy
showed up and shot him dead, he woke up and said back to the sender!
He stepped outside and heard Bobo calling his name like something
really bad had happened.


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