Story: Erigga Season 3, Episode 1 (18+)

After Erigga had planned on investing in land, he found out that he
didn't have much money to buy many land, he decided to build two
houses for tenants to live.
He had build one for himself but still sell at the rented shop so he
wouldn't lose customers.

He had earlier met with his parents and reconciled with them after the
car theft problem, they had jokingly told him that he needed to get
married soon but he jlaughed it off.

Ladies were all over him, his popularity in the town would make one
think that he was an indigene. The town was now his new home and he
could flex his muscles anywhere in the town.

On a bright sunday morning the vice chairman of the town village youth
visited him at the shop, his name was sunny. Sunny was a dark guy who
always took his glasses everywhere he went, he is always serious in
whatever he was being set out for. It was because of this and many
more of his behaviour that he and Erigga became close friends, he was
also as honest as Erigga.

Erigga: Sunny how far na?
Sunny: Aboi I dey o, so how business?
Erigga: E dey move fine jare, this town na my blessing.
Sunny: You can say that again, this town is really blessed by Chukwu
Okike Abiama.
Erigga: For sure, that one dey.
Sunny: Wey your babes them na?
Erigga: Them just comot here, e never tey before you come.
Sunny: E be like sey na my spirit chase them, hahaha.
Erigga: You too dey funny sha, no wonder dem dey call you the joker.
Sunny: Wetin man go do? We must laugh and life continues.
Erigga: Naso o, no time for bad belle people.
Sunny: I tell you my brother. Abeg wait.

Sunny told Erigga to wait because he saw a girl he had been toasting
for a while, he crossed to the other side of the road to meet her.
She was a slim chocolate girl wearing a yellow dress that barely
reached her kneels, her assets were perfect for her shape. Sunny
talked to her for a few minutes and returned to Erigga.

Sunny: Aboi all this small girls eyes too dey shine for money o.
Erigga: You na vice chairman na, you dey smell money na.
Sunny: Nawa o, sha na tonight I go gbensh her.
Erigga: I trust you jare.

Sunny: Na that election matter you been tell me about carry me come here sha.
Erigga: Good good, so how e dey be now?
Sunny: I dun talk to the executives, them say you go pay 30k for
consideration since you no be indigene. And also you go show yourself
to the people for this upcoming festival next month. You know wetin
that one mean na.
Erigga: Yes sure.
Sunny: Na wetin them just send me.
Erigga: No problem, I go halla you when I ready.
Sunny: No problem bros.

They both shaked hands and Sunny left.

After Sunny left Terry called Eriga and told him he needed some money
to be done with his project, Erigga asked him to text his account
number which he did.

After that Erigga received another text message and he was suprised
when he saw who it was.


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