Story: Erigga Season 3, Episode 10 (18+) [The End]

If you haven't read the episode 9 of this season, please read it here



The festival Sunny told Erigga about came, Erigga spent a lot of money
on it. He gained the confidence of the town people, everywhere you go
you will hear Erigga na Oga o.

The election came and Erigga contested for the youth president, he won
the election with a wide margin.

The town celebrated his victory that day, it was as if it was another
huge festival.
The youths were confident in him, he always throw the employment
opportunities free to the youths.
His influence passed the town and reached the neighbouring ones till
it spreaded throughout the state.

Other towns wished their representatives would be like Erigga, Erigga
was always the talk of the day.

Erigga always took Cynthia anywhere he went, everyone knew that she
was his real babe.
Due to his position and influence Erigga got into new deals and
businesses, his business boomed and was among the richest men in the
state. His position as one of the richest man in the state made him
not to recontest another election because he had more on his hands,
his family and work.

Talking about family Erigga got married to Cynthia, Terry also married Martha.

Meanwhile Pascal and Papilo were released ten years later after their arrest.

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