Story: Erigga Season 3, Episode 2 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 1 of this season, please read it here


Erigga checked the text message and saw that it was from Cynthia, he
was suprised because it had been a while since the both of them
contacted each other. When Erigga opened the message it read, " Big
boy I will soon be back " .
Erigga smiled after reading the message and thought maybe his fame had
reached other towns, and if that it is the case the election next year
was his to win. The popularity was the only answer that he found
explaining why Cynthia texted him, what was she waiting for all this
while? Sha make she come mai chop her thing again, Erigga said to

At a moment Erigga thought and then decided to call her, he dialed the
number and it rang but wasn't answered. He dialed it again saying it
was the last and it was answered just before the call nearly end.

Cynthia: Hello Big Boy.
Erigga: Big girl I dey for you.
Cynthia: Eh? I know sey you dun dey gbensh other girls and you say you
dey for me.
Erigga: Haha, na where you carry your nyash go?
Cynthia: I dey the nearby town, I wan return soon in three days time.
Everybody dey talk about you here o, sey you na big boy.
Erigga: Na so sha, I dey wait for you. But why you no call me all this time.
Cynthia: My sim be lost and na just yesterday I go retrieve am.
Erigga: Abi, no problem na me dey wait for you. When you enter town
just call me.
Cynthia: No wahala.

When he was done with the call he started remembering his sexual
activities with Cynthia, she was the best girl he had fvcked. He also
remembered Jennifer and said since she was married he wouldn't be so
much into her.

He was in his thoughts when a beautiful dark 17year old girl he had
been toasting walked into his shop, he greeted her with a smile on his
She came to buy a romantic movie.

Erigga: So you self dey like romance?
Peace: Yes sir.
Erigga: So what about what I told you earlier?
Peace: I couldn't come yesterday because my dad was around but he will
be travelling this evening.
Erigga: So you are coming tonight bah.
Peace: Yes.
Erigga: Oya take this (he handed her a one thousand naira note).
Peace: Thank you.

Erigga licked his tongue as he watched her walk out, fresh toto tonight he said.

She came to the shop at night and both of them headed off to Erigga,
she dressed in her church gown so she would deceive her mum that she
was going to vigil.

When they got to Erigga's house both of them drank a bottle of legend
and Erigga carried her in her half drunken state to his bedroom, he
decided that he would be quick about it.

They both lied at the bed kissing each other, Erigga pulled off her
gown and sucked her average boobs. He didn't care about the size of
the boobs since it was her pvssy he was after.

Erigga removed the yellow pant she wore and discovered that she was
still a virgin, he smiled at her fresh dark pvssy and asked if she
knew any s.ex position and she said no.
Erigga said he will teach her some other day which she agreed, when
Erigga first inserted his d.ick in her pvssy she gasped.

He fired down on her in the missionary postion only since he said the
other styles would wait for another day.

He fvcked her for thirty minutes as she cried and bleed, Erigga
brought out his d.ick when he was about to release and poured on her

She covered her face because this was her first time, Erigga just
laughed and they both went to the bathroom to clean up.

She dressed up and made to leave in case her mother sent someone to
check whether she went to the vigil, Erigga gave her two thousand
naira which was rejected at first but she took after Erigga's

After she was gone Erigga lied down on his bed happy because it had be
long he fvcked a fresh pvssy.


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