Story: Erigga Season 3, Episode 3 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 2 of this season, please read it here


Erigga slept off after the sexcapade with Peace, he dreamt again where
he was having s.ex with Jennifer and a man came out of nowhere and
shot him.
He woke up around 4am in fears, this was the second time he had that
dream. But why now again that he was far from Jennifer? Or did it mean
that she would soon meet him again? Was the man who shot him
Jennifer's husband? He asked himself all these questions without any
He shaked his head and said wetin I no know no go know me. He checked
his time and it was 04:15am but he couldn't go back to sleep, he
turned on his television and tuned to Channels Tv.
They were talking about a coup in the neighbouring West African
country and Erigga wished it never happens in Nigeria.
When it was 05:30 he started preparing for the day work.
He was done and arrived at the shop around 06:32, he whistled and
played music in his phone as he swept the shop.

He had got the 30k Sunny told him was needed for him to be considered
as a non-indegene.

After he was done with the clean up he attended to some customers and
decided to call Sunny.

Erigga: Sunny afa na.
Sunny: I dey my boss.
Erigga: Na you be Oga o.
Sunny: See you.
Erigga: Sha na that stuff I call you for, the 30k dey with me now.
Sunny: Good, I go soon come.
Erigga: Okay, I dey wait you bros.

Peace came to the shop smiling.

Erigga: Baby howfar na?
Peace: I'm fine.
Erigga: I hope you enjoyed last night.
Peace: Yes, that's why I'm here. I want us to do it again today.
Erigga: That's my girl, I go fvck you wella today.
Peace: No problem, I just like your thing.
Erigga: Okay na, I will be waiting for you.
Peace: (smiles) Thanks.

Peace left, a few minutes later Sunny arrived and he discussed all the
details with Erigga.
The only thing remaining for Erigga was to spend more on the upcoming festival.

Immediately Sunny left Erigga's phone rang, it was Cynthia.

Cynthia: Big boy
Erigga: Big girl how you dey?
Cynthia: Fine, no vex o na today I wan enter town my toto dey sweet me.
Erigga: Eh? E get one smallie I wan gbensh tonight sha.
Cynthia: Smallie? You na bad boy o. Sha we fit do threesome.
Erigga: No problem sha, atleast you go teach her somethings. Just
enter my shop when you dey town.
Cynthia: Okay, around 8pm sha.
Erigga: No problem.

When Peace came Erigga told him that an older person would be coming
with them, and she would teach her some things. She smiled again.

Cynthia came over around 8pm but it was not yet time for Erigga to
close, so they talked alot and drank alcohol till it was 10pm.

They arrived at Erigga's house drunk, Cynthia told Peace to watch how
she treats Erigga.

Cynthia removed his underwear and sucked Erigga's d.ick as Peace was
watching them, after two minutes Cynthia told her to try it which she
She added more passion in sucking Erigga's d.ick that Cynthia became
jealous of her.

Cynthia lied down of the bed as Erigga fvcked her in the missionary
position while she was licking Peace's pvssy which was on her face.

Peace moaned loudly and released on Cynthia face as she laughed,
Erigga took Peace and made her to be in the doggy position. He fvcked
Peace with strength and her moans echoed in the rooom, she kept saying
don't stop, don't stop untill she released again and fell on the bed

Erigga continued with Cynthia on the cow girl style, when he was done
with her for seven minutes he brought out his d.ick to pour his cum.
Cynthia carried Peace and told her to lick the cum which she did,
Erigga was done and he lied down on the bed.

Cynthia and Peace hugged each other on the bed and kissed, Peace
sucked Cynthia boobs as instructed by her. They both took turns in
fingering and sucking each others pvssy till they became tired and
dozed off.


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