Story: Erigga Season 3, Episode 4 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 3 of this season, please read it here


Erigga gave Peace a little token as she left that morning, Cynthia
said she wants to stay in the house for the time being. Her travelling
bag and clothes were at Erigga's house because she stopped directly at
Erigga's shop.
Erigga gave her some money to buy foodstuffs and went over to the shop.

As soon as he reached there Sunny called him.

Erigga: Sunny how far na?
Sunny: I dey o, I dun send the money and them dun accept am.
Erigga: No shaking, I know sey you go do am.
Sunny: Trust me na, those things na easy stuffs. If I tell you sey I
go do something I go do am.
Erigga: Thank you again jare.
Sunny: The executives also wants to see you today during the afternon.
Erigga: Which time? And where the location dey?
Sunny: Come around 3pm, we go just do the meeting sharp sharp just
thirty minutes. The place na town hall for EzeOba road.
Erigga: No problem I go dey there, sha I go find you small thing.
Sunny: No worry jare.
Erigga: But you try for me na.
Sunny: No just worry, na normal thing.

They both argued for a little time so Sunny decided to change the topic.

Sunny: You remember that girl wey I go meet that day?
Erigga: Yes na.
Sunny: Na that day I gbensh am.
Erigga: Sunny Sunny I trust you my nigga, you too much jare.
Sunny: You too bad na.
Erigga: Na so o. I dun carry on smallie sha, I touch am small.
Sunny: Hmm, you self na Baba o.
Erigga: No shaking sha, till 3pm.
Sunny: No wahala, we go dey wait you.

When Erigga was done with the call he told someone to call his former
neighbour Femi, Femi arrived and Erigga asked if he could help him
stay at the shop around 3pm. Femi agreed and Erigga said he will
settle him when done.

After attending to some customers he sat down and thought why Cynthia
came with almost all her belongings to his house. Why didn't she stop
at her own apartment before coming to the shop? Maybe she could have a
plan, maybe she wan mai wife am. No problem sha we will see how it
goes. Erigga kept on thinking about it.

Erigga was woken up by Terry who called him and thanked him for the
money he sent to him. Erigga didn't have time to go to the bank but he
sent the money through the mobile app.

When it was time Erigga called Femi to stay in the shop, he went off
to meet the executives.
The meeting was short just as Sunny said, Erigga was so happy after
the outcome of the meeting.

He went back to the shop and settled Femi.

As he sat down an unknown number called him and he answered.

Unknown Number: Hello.
Erigga: (suprised) Is that you?


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