Story: Erigga Season 3, Episode 6 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 5 of this season, please read it here


Cynthia woke Erigga up around 3am, he managed to wake up staggering.
Cynthia told him to wash his face first so he will get himself a
little, she held him staggering to the bathroom where he washed his
He wiped off the water from his face and almost fell on Cynthia as
they headed back to the bedroom.

Erigga: Na wetin be that? We wan pray?
Cynthia: I'm sorry for waking you up at this late hour.
Erigga: Okay, okay. So what'sup?
Cynthia: I have always wanted to tell you something, and that's the
reason why I came back earlier than expected.
Erigga: Okay, go on.
Cynthia: I love you.
Erigga: I know na.
Cynthia: I just want to be yours like husband and wife.
Erigga: Hmm, actually I have been thinking about that. But I have to
be ready first and it will be from next year after the election, I
will be contesting during the elections in this town next year. Until
then I wouldn't marry.
Cynthia: Okay, but can we start being faithful to each other. You know
what I mean. I will be available whenever you need me.
Erigga: I think that will wait, remember the Jennifer I told you about
before. I want to have few more shots with her, and also Peace.
Cynthia: Hmm, be careful with Peace so you wouldn't get her pregnant.
Erigga: Okay, go and wake her up let me exercise a little.
Cynthia: This early mor mor?
Erigga: I missed the fun yesterday night, and you already look tired.
Cynthia: Yes, I'm tired. Just wait let me go and wake her.
Erigga: Okay, make sure sey she brush up o.
Cynthia: No wahala.

Cynthia went over and woke Peace, she woke up more energetic than Erigga.

Peace: Aunty, is it time already?
Cynthia: No, it's still 3am but Erigga wants to fvck you.
Peace: Wow! Early morning s.ex, that will be great.
Cynthia: Alright, go and brush up.
Peace: Okay ma.

Peace went to the bathroom and brushed up, when she was done Erigga
met her in the livingroom.
They were both ready for the action and n.aked!

Erigga kissed her as they fell to the couch, she stood up and grabbed
his d.ick. She sucked it so hard and used her hands very well on his
d.ick that made him to keep moaning loudly.

He turned over with Peace's leg wide open on the couch, he inserted
two of his fingers inside her pvssy and finger fvcked her for a minute
as she moaned.
He sucked her pvssy and kissed it like he was having a french kiss,
she moaned loudly as fluids gushed down from her pvssy, she came.

Erigga inserted his d.ick inside her pvssy she opened legs wide on the
couch, he fvcked her as the both of them kept moaning.
He was almost releasing when he remove his d.ick quickly, he went back
to suck her pvssy again.

After a few minutes of working on her pvssy, they switched over to
the cowgirl position. Peace was in control here, she fvcked Erigga
that his moan echoed in the house and made Cynthia to wake up from
When Erigga was about releasing, he brought out his d.ick and placed
it inside her mouth as he fvcked her mouth and released inside. Erigga
fell at the floor so tired as Peace smiled at him.


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