Story: Erigga Season 3, Episode 7 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 6 of this season, please read it here


Erigga lied n.aked at the floor, he couldn't believe that Peace could
fvck him to that extent since she was just learning. Cynthia came to
his mind, maybe it was Cynthia that tutored her, Erigga said to
Cynthia was somwhere near the livingroom watching them, she was happy
that Peace was catching up and at the same time worried that Peace
might make Erigga forget what he promised earlier.

At that point she remembered that Peace had just written JAMB and her
score was quite impressive, it will give her admission and in that way
taking her out of the town.

Peace just smiled at Erigga as he was lying in the floor, she moved
down, grabbed his d.ick and licked the remaining semen.

It was 04:47 now, Peace told Erigga that she wanted more again. This
time Cynthia knew Erigga won't be able to control himself, she knew he
would release inside Peace. She had expressed worry at first but now
waved it off saying she would take care of it.

Erigga mounted Peace back as she held the couch in the doggy style,
Erigga inserted his d.ick inside her pvssy and licked her back.

He removed her two hands from the couch and held them, he fvcked her
very hard as her whole body vibrated. Erigga pounded her pvssy like
someone pounding pepper, she moaned so loudly and fast. She kept
saying hit me harder, hit me harder. Erigga obeyed her and pounded her
with all his strength, she screamed and moaned at the same time. Tears
of pleasure ran down through her cheeks, the sweet sensation of the
early morning fvcked made Erigga to keep firing down.

Cynthia watched them from where she was, pvssy fluids dripped down
from her underwear. She was wet! She went over to the kitchen and took
a long fat cucumber she bought from the market, she used it to fvck
herself as she watched the two of them.

Erigga started moaning at a time and released inside Peace, they were
both tired as they sat on the floor. Peace was the most exhausted one
as she kept on panting after that round.

Erigga asked for one more round before they would be done, Peace
opened her ass and Erigga smiled.

Erigga: So Cynthia dun teach you plenty things.
Cynthia: (coming out) Why not?
Erigga: You try sha.
Cynthia: Let me go and get things ready for you.
Erigga: Okay, my wife.

Cynthia went to get things ready so that Erigga will fastly go to the
shop after he was done with Peace.

Erigga fvcked Peace in her asshole, she screamed loudly at Erigga
first penetration. It was her first time, Erigga fvcked her asshole
for ten minutes as she screamed and he poured inside her ass.

The semen dripped down as she sat down, Cynthia came over to get
Erigga. It was 06:03am when they were done.

Erigga had his bath and ate quickly, he instructed Cynthia to take
care of Peace and headed off to the shop though tired.

He smiled, he had fvcked a fresh pvssy and a virgin asshole brutally
that morning.


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