Story: Erigga Season 3, Episode 8 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 7 of this season, please read it here


Erigga got to his shop tired after the early morning encounter with
Peace, he was fantasizing about the sexcapade. If Peace wouldn't be
leaving the town for school and also her age Erigga would have choosed
her over Cynthia.

It was in his head all day at the shop, he tried his best to forget it
but it kept on ringing in his head.

Around 1pm Terry called him on phone.

Erigga: Hello, Terry howfar?
Terry: I dey o, how level na.
Erigga: Normal, me self dey enjoy for this side.
Terry: With girls abi.
Erigga: You know the story.
Terry: Real matterz, I get good news o.
Erigga: My ears dey open.
Terry: Guy I dun get work o and e just remain a week for me to
graduate, thanks to you my project is ready and submitted.
Erigga: You self na lucky guy.
Terry: Abi, I been enter your house one time like that sha. Your mum
and dad dey complain sey you no wan marry.
Erigga: Hmm, sha very soon. In a year time maybe, E dey this girl wey
I dun hold small.
Terry: Do fast o, mummy and daddy dey wait for you o.
Erigga: No wahala jare.

They ended the call and Erigga thought about what Terry said his
parents told him.
Truly he wasn't getting any younger but older, so he had to make a
decision very soon. He banked on Cynthia and said he will watch her a

Around 3pm Sunny visited him in the shop.

Sunny: Erigga, Erigga. How far na?
Erigga: Sunny my man.
Sunny: Na presido we go give you next year.
Erigga: Guy e, you really try for me. No worry I go settle you.
Sunny: No disturb yourself jare, we be friends na. Friends are meant
to help each others no matter what.

Erigga: Thank you, you remember that smallie Peace.
Sunny: Yes na.
Erigga: Oboi the girl try, I fvck her careless early morning.
Sunny: You mean am?
Erigga: Yes na, na my best babe teach her.
Sunny: That one means sey I go try her.
Erigga: You dey free jare, I even fvck that smallie nyash.
Sunny: Nigga you too much ojere.
Erigga: Trust me.
Sunny: So wetin be the latest film them wan release?
Erigga: Naija Campus Girls, The Sexy Killer abi Assasin and also The
Boy from the South.
Sunny: Na from 2017 bah?
Erigga: Yes.

Erigga and Sunny talked for a long time and when Sunny made to leave
he gave him the latest season of Sunny's best movie.

Erigga closed from work and this time Sunday was on his mind, his
meeting with Jennifer after a long time.

He got home, Cynthia kissed him as soon as she reached him. Na so e
dey take start, bad girl, Erigga said in his mind.

After eating that evening he told Cynthia he had to reserve his
strength and promised her that after a few meetings with Jennifer he
will stop.
Cynthia agreed but told him to be careful.


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