Story: Erigga Season 3, Episode 9 (18+)

If you haven't read the episode 8 of this season, please read it here


Sunday came and Erigga woke up very early, he had received a text from
Jennifer that they will meet around 12pm at the hotel they agreed

Erigga had earlier informed Femi to come over and take the key of his
shop, at the end of the day he or Cynthia will settle him.

Femi came very early around 06:19am when Erigga was about to start
jogging, Erigga gave him the key and told him that Cynthia will settle
him after the day.

Erigga jogged a thousand metres and went back home, he had his bath and ate.

Erigga was watching movie with Cynthia in his livingroom when he
reminded her of his meeting with Jennifer, she felt jealous but told
him to be careful.

Erigga hugged her as they watched the movie together, Peace came over.
She was wearing a bumpshot and a short dress, Erigga smiled as he saw
her and she greeted the both of them as the three of them watched the
movie together.

When it was time for him to go he instructed Cynthia to give Peace 20k
to aid her school, Peace knelt and thanked him as he left.
Erigga knew Cynthia and Peace were going to fvck each other as soon as he left.

Erigga arrived at the hotel and called Jennifer, Jennifer told him the
room she was and he asked the receptionist for direction.

Jennifer was only with her pant already waiting for Erigga, he shut
the door very tight. He hugged her as his d.ick rose to the occasion
as it felt Jennifer's body.

They hugged for a while , Erigga saw her removing her pant
immediately. She told him that they had no time to waste because the
driver her husband employed for her will be back by 4pm.

She said her husband did that to watch her movements and because of
that she had bought a dildo and vibrator which she keeps secretly at
home, she gushed her she missed Erigga and he did same.

She was with a dildo already in the hotel servicing herself before
Erigga came, she opened her pvssy wide as Erigga ate her pvssy as she

He inserted three of his fingers and finger fvcked her till she
released under two minutes, as he was doing this the dream he had
flashed through his mind but he waved it off.

Jennifer climbed him in the woman on top position, she fvcked Erigga
dick's so hard that he kept moaning. Jennifer smiled as she saw that
expression on Erigga's face and she called him baby boy.

She stood up and bent in the doggy style as Erigga intruded deep
inside her pvssy and fvcked her very fast, Erigga used one of his
hands to play with her boobs as he fvcked her in the doggy style.

The intensity of the fvck made her to moan so loudly so Erigga used a
hand and covered her mouth so that others wouldn't know what they were

They stopped from that position as she grabbed Erigga's d.ick and
sucked it very hard, Erigga knew he will soon cum so he told her to
stop and used to dildo to fvck her for a minute.
She lied on the bed as Erigga raise her legs up and fvcked her pvssy
from behind, they were both so into and didn't care if anyone will
knock on the door any moment.

Erigga was almost to cum so he stopped and told Jennifer to put her
ass to his face and he use the dildo to fvck her ass, he switched over
to the missionary style.

Both of them hugged each other on the bed as Erigga fired her pvssy,
the sensation was so sweet. Jennifer cum with a loud moan, he knew
Erigga will soon release so she told him to realease inside her that
she will take care of it.
Erigga was approaching climax as he fvcked her with intense speed and
his warm semen rushed into Jennifer's pvssy.

They both lied down tired on the bed, Jennifer checked her time and it was 3pm.
She had to rush fast and took her bath with Erigga because her driver
would soon come, Erigga gave her anal fvck while they took their bath.

They both dressed up as if nothing ever happened, as they were about
to part ways Jennifer broke a news to Erigga.

She said she and her hubby will be leaving to America for permanent
residency, Erigga pretended to be sad on his face but deep down he was
deeply excited of the last s.ex with her.

They both kissed their goodbye as Erigga left the hotel that evening
as Jennifer waited for her driver.


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