The Close Tie Between Humility And Success

A quote said humility is not thinking less about yourself but thinking
about yourselfless. Some see being humble as lowering down their guard
and they let pride take over them, humility makes us real.

You can't be a leader if you are not humble, you might say that we
have many arrogant leaders in the world but the truth is that they are
not leaders.

True leaders goes down with their followers and listen to them, a
leader doesn't rule over his people. A leader serves his people and
only the humble ones can serve people, when you see an arrogant fellow
that calls himself a leader just laugh him off because he is not.

Humility is the key to success, a humble and disciplined person can
reach greater heights. He will be respected and not feared, the truth
is that humble people are respected but not feared. Only arrogant ones
are feared.

How many of you will leave pride and go back to school with you
juniors to rewrite an exam? Many will prefer waiting for the exam date
to write.

The story of boy who failed a subject in his final exams, he sew
another school uniform and made up his mind that he will learn
together with his juniors till the exam day.
The teachers there asked why he sewed another uniform and he said he
want to rewrite his exam, they were suprise atleast he would have
waited for the exam day.
As the term went by he made friends with his juniors in class, if you
didn't know him before you would think that was his class.

At the end the exam came and he passed, he learnt many things from the
juniors which also helped him.

How many of you can go to your junior that understands a particular
subject to tutor you on it? A very high percentage of you people won't
do that, you will be claiming big boy and girl. In the end you are
just doing yourself, and you won't progress unless you retrace your

* Humility will take you to many places because being humble will make
you settle down to do things.

*You will be respected and not feared because you can relate with anyone.

* When you are humble chances will not pass you by as it does to the
arrogant ones who let pride to take over them.

The reward of every humble person is success.

Please be humble!

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