The Danger Of Lying To Yourself

A quote/saying said that if you want to be successful you have to obey
one rule; never lie to yourself.

Lying to yourself will do you no good, it will make you empty. You
won't be yourself and in worst situation your life will seem to you as
a mere existence with no purpose, when you live with no purpose in
life it is as good as being dead.

Talking about purpose in life, we were all given birth to with no
purpose but as we grew up we choose our reason/purpose to be alive.
And when you lie to yourself you will not have a purpose in your life,
so it would just be a mere existence.

It's just like a newborn eagle lying to itself that it is a demostic
bird like the cock and the hen, as time goes on and it keeps repeating
to himself that it is a demostic bird he will never reach his
He will never succeed because his place is not among the demostic
birds but with his eagle brethrens. Until the eagle stops lying to
itself and find what it really is, then it will fly high in the sky
and success awaits in it's own domain.

A similar story was that of a lion which was found when little by a
sheperd, he trained the cub with his sheep and as time went on and the
lion grew among the sheep he thought to itself that it was a sheep.
The lion didn't reach its full potential until the mother came to its
rescue and made it realise that he was the king of the forest.

With this two above stories about the eagle and the lion shows that
one lying to himself wouldn't make him achieve his full potential.

People might lie to themselves because they feel people wouldn't
appreciate who they really are, but believe me no matter how you try
to lie to yourself it will never make you better. You will have an
unstable personality, you always say what you can't do and deep down
you will be hurting yourself.

Never overate yourself, say the truth to yourself.

One way people lie to themselves is that they never admit it when they
are wrong, they always lie to themselves that they were right.

The more you lie to yourself you will never improve, you will get
stucked in time and status. You also wouldn't reach your full
potential and value and also your life will just be a mere existence.

Let I said earlier in the first paragraph of this article, if you want
to be succesful then never lie to yourself.

Say the truth to yourself and belief in yourself then success is yours.

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