The Need For The Reorientation Of The Nigerian Youths

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Looking at what is happening in the country and the behaviour of our
youths, I think the youths needs reorientation.

Many Nigerian youths are still up in the archaic way of doing things,
they are not changing with the world.

Coming home the youths are the pillars of any country, they fight
against opression and puts the government to check.
The country is falling because the youths are the ones damaging it
instead of maintaining it, the youths are never united. They are
always divided by ethnic, religious and political lines.

The youths are the ones actively participating in the destruction of
this country, the politicians and gladiators in the country can't do
without the youths.
The youths sell themselves cheaply to them, and these gladiators will
now have them under their control. They use youths to fight other

Come on, let's wake up from slumber, we the youths are the owners of
this country.

If the youths stand up united for a common goal to make this the
country a better place, the political gladiators and those killing the
country will have no choice than to surrender.

We need to spread the new theme, let the orientation go across the
country that the youths can make the country a better place when

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