The Nigerian Youths Are The Cause Of Corruption In The Country

It was just a normal discussion with a friend, during the course of
the discussion he said "Nigerian youths are the corrupt one's". I
didn't want the article heading to be hyper sensitive therefore I
rephrased to "the Nigerian youths are the cause of corruption in the

He gave an example that if a politician comes to some youths that he
would pay them money if they help him rig the election, if the youths
agreed to do that for the politician after some agreed term then the
youths are the corrupt ones.
Yes, I tapped something from what he said.

The Nigerian youths are encouraging corruption in many ways, and then
later they would be shouting that their leaders are corrupt while they
are the cause.

Imagine some youths selling their votes for N500, bread and akara or
indomie noddles, this same youths will think that the officer holders
will take them serious.

Without the youths can the corrupt politicians control the masses? No!
The youths are the pillar of every nation, and when the pillar of a
nation intentionally causes corruption then the nation will shake just
the way Nigeria is shaking now.

You will see the youths supporting corrupt politicians on social
media, they only codemn those who they hate mostly due to political,
tribal or religious reasons. The politicians are using the divide and
rule system, and our youths are encouraging it.

Many are shouting that the youths should take over, it's a good idea
but I have a question. Which youths are you talking about? Is it the
ones which the elements of corruption have been passed down to them by
their godfathers?
The ones who carry weapons and snatch ballot box?
The ones who engage in hate political battles on social media?
The ones divided by political, ethnic and religious lines?

Bring those types and our country will crumble! There are only few
Nigerian youths with the right orientations that can move this country
forward. The bad youths won't allow them to breath out.

Until we the youths have the right orientation then can we make a
change, the good youths should never give up. The fight is ours to
win, so that we can build the country of our dream.

Finally, we need the few good youths to win the battle. The bad ones
should change so that a better Nigeria will be possible.

Don't be religious, political and ethnic biased, don't help
politicians to rig elections. Overpower the bad youths, preach the
right orientation to the public. Don't be used by any politician,
check the office holders and our country will be great.

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