Why You Shouldn't Compare Yourself With Others

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Talking about comparing yourself with others, the picture used in this
article clearly said that you shouldn't compare yourself with others
because you don't what their journey is all about.

Another way is that you shouldn't compare yourself with others because
you don't know their full story.

Both ways are right, comparing yourself with others wouldn't do you
any good. You are just insulting your uniqueness as an individual and
you might not strive to develop yourself.

In this world what is certain is that many people will be higher than
you in different aspects and also you will be higher than others, the
key is uniqueness.
Every human is unique and does things in their own way, neglecting
your uniqueness is self murder.

I am going to tell you the story of a guy Magu who lost it all because
he compared himself with others without knowing their full story.

Magu was an intelligent guy who reads a lot but he kept wondering how
his classmates that sat at the back of the class always answer all
questions in the class, in the long run he started comparing himself
with them.

He lost it all he never concentrated again because he thought he was
no longer good enough, exam came and since Magu had lost concentration
he failed the exam. To his suprise those at the back seat where caught
with textbooks during the exam, it was then that he realised he made a
grave mistake by comparing himself with them. The damage was done,
Magu had to wait till the next year to rewrite the exam.

Doesn't this teach a lesson?

Many people especially those in the universities compare themselves
with their colleagues without knowing their story, they don't know how
their colleagues passed the exams with high marks. Whether it was
through the backdoor or merit, at the end they belittle themselves.

This shows that there is a huge danger in comparing yourself with
others because you don't know what their journey is all about.

A friend of yours might be a high political leader and you keep
comparing yourself with him, forgetting that he might have be involved
in dirty deeds.

* Comparing yourself with others will make you lose focus, and when
you lose focus in your life you fail.

* You should only concentrate on becoming a better person than you
were yesterday.

* NOTE: Comparing yourself with others is an insult to yourself, it
makes you feel down on yourself and lose focus in yourself.

* So stop comparing yourself with others and be yourself, surely you
will maintain the focus in your life and be so confident.

* When you have confidence in yourself and focus on your life, then
excellence is your name.

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