Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 24)

If you haven't read the episode 23 of this story, please read it here


<< The Flower Town >>

The six swordmen were finished with their work at the troubled
village, they headed out to continue their journey.

On the fourth day they reached a village were beautiful flowers were grown.

Temi: Hey guys, let's stop here for a while. I love the flowers here.
Aisha: Me too, the men here must be so romantic.
Timo: Girls! We don't have much time. We should continue with our journey.
Ebuka: I suggest we stay too, maybe we can have a taste of their delicacy.
Timo: Ebuka!
Temi: (moves near Clinton and looked into his eyes) So what do you say?
Clinton: Well, we can relax a little here. Just like Ebuka said, let's
try this town's food delicacy.
Boyo: I go with Ebuka too.
Timo: Oh yea.

They all stopped at the town, the boys went to a restaurant while the
girls went over to the flower shop.
The boys were served the food still hot.

Waiter: Enjoy yourselves, this was prepared by the best chef around here.
Ebuka: Really? Let's see how it tastes then, (tastes it) Oh yea this is wow.
Waiter: I told you, enjoy your food (walks out).

The others tasted the food and said wow.

Ebuka: Hehehe, you see? My idea was perfect, what a wonderful food.
Clinton: Sure.
Timo: So where are the girls?
Boyo: I think they went over to a flower shop.
Timo: Well they are missing.

(To The Girls In The Flower Shop)

The girls were amazed by the different kinds of flowers they found in the shop.

Temi: This is beautiful.
Aisha: So natural.
Seller: Yes, nobody have ever came here without being amazed.
Temi: Ofcourse, they should be. I will like to get one.
Aisha: I will get one when we are returning back from the journey.
Seller: Okay girls.

Temi bought a red flower and she left the shop with Aisha.

Aisha: (to Temi) Who did you buy the flower for?
Temi: (smiles) Clinton.
Aisha: Clinton? I thought you two.....
Temi: Yes, yes. We settled our difference at the other town, remember
when I told him that I wanted to go along with him to look for Gold?
Aisha: Yes, I remember.
Temi: (smiles) That was when it all happened and we both had our first kiss.
Aisha: You did what? You are such a charming angel.
Temi: Well, let's go and meet them.

They both went towards the restuarant.

(The Restaurant )

The girls had not yet arrived.

Timo: What could be holding those two now?
Clinton: Maybe they are looking for the perfect flower.
Boyo: I think they just want to see them, who could they be buying the
flowers for while we are on a journey.
Timo: Huh? So you don't know?
Boyo: Know what?
Timo: Temi is in love with Clinton (shines teeth).
Boyo: Oh yea? They were rivals right?
Clinton: Don't listen to Timo, it seems he has nothing to say.
Timo: Well, we will see about that.

Just after Timo was done talking Temi and Aisha got in.

Ebuka: What took you two so long, order for food fast let's get moving.
Temi: We will just buy bread, we are not that hungry like you guys.
Timo: Really? So what are you going to do with the flower in your hand?
Temi: Oh! (To Clinton) I bought this for you.
Clinton: (shy) Ah, thank you Temi. I like it.
Temi: I knew, you will like it.
Timo: I said it! Boyo I said it.
Temi: Stay quiet Timo.

They were talking when a man barged into the restaurant with his
clothes torned, all eyes were on him.

Man: Evil! Evil!! Evil!!!
Waiter: What evil?

The man kept quiet for a while, the people in the restaurant became afraid.
The six swordmen were already thinking that it could be related to the witches.

Waiter: Talk! What evil?
Man: Two evil wild pigs gave me a hot chase.
Waiter: You idiot! You scared the customers. Get out!! (The man left)
This won't happen again.

The six swordmen calmed down.

Clinton: I was almost arriving at a conclusion.
Boyo: Me too.
Clinton: I think we are done here, let's move out.
Temi: Sure.

The boys paid for the food and the girls bought what they needed, they
got to their horses and rode out.

Clinton: We are almost there.
Temi: We are ready!


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