Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 26)

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<< Rolling To The Island >>

Voski told the six swordmen that they should get ready for work, to
enter the island and bring back any evidence that will convince the

Clinton: Yea, we should get to work. I just got this feeling, what if
the witches have regained their full powers? We will be as good as
Voski: Don't worry, you got the dwarfs with you. The goodnews is that
the witches haven't regained all their powers yet, atleast that's what
the great wizard Emeka told us.
Clinton: You met the great wizard?
Voski: Yes, he is an old friend. Now the real deal is to get inside
the island as quietly as we can.
Boyo: The witches might be watching us right now since we are in the forest.
Timo: Boyo? You said what?
Ebuka: Too bad, we weren't taught how to fight witches. Voski can
you... please teach us?
Voski: Just fight them the way you do, but be careful.
Timo: (fearfully) I suggest we take a day break to prepare.
Temi: Timo that's no time. You and Ebuka seem to be afraid.
Ebuka: Afraid? Who is afraid? I was just joking, but I know Timo wasn't.
Voski: Enough already, we have to move in now.
Clinton: We also have to watch out for traps, the witches are aware of
our presence now.
Timo: Oh God! I thought the witches are powerless now.
Voski: I bet they have a few tricks up in their sleeves.
Ebuka: Okay, okay. Let's hear the plan.
Voski: There is only one plan.
Timo: (Smiles) That's Voski! We are all listening.
Voski: Are you all ready?
All: Yes!
Voski: Well the plan is.... We rush in there and deal with those wicked witches!
All (except Timo & Ebuka): Understood!
Timo: Is that a plan?
Temi: Haha Timo, don't worry. You have us.
Timo: It's not like am afraid....
Temi: Lieing again?
Voski: Run to the shore!

The six swordmen and the seventeen dwarfs charged into the forest
racing toward the shore of the water surrounding the island.

( At The Witches Room)

The witches were already watching the boys via their mirror.

Witch Bola: Fools! They are all going to die today!
Witche Ngozi: Yes, they will. Mankind think they can win the war again.
Witch Bola: After having my full powers back, I shall resurrect our
sisters! We will pay back mankind for all they did to us, curse them!
Witch Haruna: Let's set traps for those petty humans and dwarfs.
Witch Bola: No, I still have a little trick left.
Witch Haruna: Then use it, let them be afraid! We will burn them!
Witch Bola: I will use the puppet ike (power/jazz) on them.
Witch Catherine: Hahaha, that's good sister. Let's see how they will
overpower the puppets.
Witch Bola: Well, let's not underestimate them yet. It is always a
mistake to underestimate your enemies, the dwarfs are also among them.
Witch Ngozi: Well well, let the show begin.
Witch Bola: Yes! Let me awaken the momument puppets by the gate.
Akpurapku te li ni, akpurapu te li ni, akpurapku te li ni! (Thirty
monuments rose up from the earth armed with swords, they were the size
of an average human. The monument puppets stood as if they were still
monuments so that the six swordmen and the dwarfs won't notice them
from afar).

Witch Bola: It has been done, let's see how skilled they are.
Witch Ngozi: Yes! But just like I expect, they wouldn't be able to
defeat the monument puppets.
Witch Haruna: Those monuments are as hard as the rocks, we will watch
them perish!

They all laughed wickedly as their eyes were all focused on the six
swordmen and the seventeen dwarfs.

( Back To The Six Swordmen And The Seventeen Dwarfs)

They all had raced down to the shore, the dwarfs were ready as they
were when they helped the great Abdulrasaq to win the war. The six
swordmen were ready deep in their hearts, Ebuka and Timo vowed to
fight too. The two said they wouldn't seat back and watch the others
get the glory of the battle.

The island had changed back to the way it was when Apha, Boyo and
Clinton had first entered.

Clinton: Boyo, the island changed back.
Boyo: Yes, it looks like they want to lure people into the island.
Clinton: Yes, exactly.
Temi: (looking toward the island) This island is beautiful.
Aisha: Yes, it doesn't look evil.
Clinton: Things are not the way you see them, it's like an illusion.
And please Ebuka don't eat anything you see at the island.
Ebuka: Okay, I will try my best.
Aisha: Don't even think about food once we are inside.
Ebuka: Am I the only one who eats here?

Everyone laughed when Ebuka asked the question.

Voski: You are a funny guy Efuka.
Ebuka: It's Ebuka.
Voski: Okay! We got five canoes with us, we stay five each. The last
three stay in one.

Others stayed in fives while Clinton, Boyo and Temi stayed in one.

Voski: Let's roll!
All: Yes!

They all rolled toward the island.


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