Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 27)

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( At Abdulrasaq's Home)

Abdulrasaq was training with some of his men when one of his guard came over.

Guard: Sir! The great wizard is here.
Abdulrasaq: He is here?
Guard: Yes sir. At the livingroom.
Abdulrasaq: Okay, tell him I will be there in a moment.
Guard: Yes sir.

The guard left as Abdulrasaq asked one of his men to bring him water
so he could wash his face, the guard did so.
He washed his face and went over to the living room where the great
wizard Emeka was waiting.

Abdulrasaq: My good friend, I didn't expect you visiting today.
Emeka: Yes, but I had to come.
Abdulrasaq: So what's the matter?
Emeka: It seems the witches have got a little of their powers back.
Abdulrasaq: Does that mean the swordmen are in danger?
Emeka: No, not really. The dwarfs are with them.
Abdulrasaq: Yes, that's a relieve. This could also be his (Clinton)
moment of knowing the power of the lightening sword.
Emeka: Yes, it is. Let's hope he is strong enough to wield the power.
Abdulrasaq: He is my son after all.
Emeka: Yes, he is. After they return you must personally train him.
After you are done, I will do my part by teaching him how to use the
powers I gave to him at birth.
Abdulrasaq: I will train him as best as I can.
Emeka: Very well then, I will take my leave. Let's be expecting them
before the time expires.
See you later!

The great wizard dissappeared!

(The Six Swordmen And The Seventeen Dwarfs)

Clinton: We will soon be at the island.
Boyo: Yes, we just have to give it our best.
Temi: You two shouldn't worry too much, you got the strongest woman in
the kingdom with you.
Boyo: Oh yea.

Meanwhile Ebuka, Aisha,Timo and two other dwarfs were also being
impatient to get to the island.

Ebuka: Are we not there yet?
Timo: Ebuka don't get too exicted, we don't know what's there. There
could be traps, so we don't have to be exicted. We need to approach
with caution.
Ebuka: Yes, you are right.
Aisha: Hmm, why the sudden change of you guys? It really got me suprised.
Timo: Lady! I and Ebuka have always been serious.
Aisha: Huh, well we shall see how serious you both are when we get to
the island.
Ebuka: Oh yes.

(At The Witches Room)

Witch Bola: They are almost here.
Witch Catherine: I can't wait to see them being butchered into pieces.
Witch Haruna: Hahaha, we will burn their remains.
Witch Kitana: Well well, let it begin.
Witch Sandra: Hahaha, I wish we could just suck their blood.
Witch Rose: No, those dwarfs blood tastes bad. And the humans there
are yet too little for us.
Witch Bola: Yes, let it begin!!!

The six swordmen and the dwarfs reached the shore of the island.

Voski: We are here!
Temi: What a beautiful place!
Voski: No, it's just an illusion.
Aisha: Who knows how many people they have trapped using this illusion.
Ebuka: Who knows?
Voski: Now remember our main objective, get the evidences that will
prove to the king that witches exists.
Clinton: Right!
Voski: (To the six swordmen) Don't worry, you have the dwarfs with you.
Clinton: Thanks.
Voski: Remember, be fast! A day here is a week in where you come from.
Ebuka: Do you mean if I stay a day here, I have missed a week food?
Aisha: Oh boy!
Voski: (laughs) Yes. Are you all ready?
All: Yes!!
Voski: Let's charge to the gate. Charge!!
All: Charge!!

Just as they had almost got to the gate the monument puppets gained
consciousness, they woke up and their weight shook the ground.

Timo: What are these things?
Ebuka: Oh mummy!!
Voski: It seems the witches have regained a little bit of their powers.
Boski: This is trouble.
Voski: We can only fight!
Clinton: Yes, we have to fight.
Ebuka: I will give the first blow. (Ebuka ran toward one of the
monument puppets).
Clinton: Ebuka wait!

Ebuka struck one of the momument puppets with his sword and it broke.
He opened his mouth in suprise.

Ebuka: (fearfully) This is bad. (He ran back to the others).
Timo: (in shock) Clinton did you saw that?

The monument puppets charged at them and they ran to some trees on the
left side of the island shore.

Voski: This is a job for the dwarfs, you all should keep calm.

The dwarfs had monstrous strength that they don't really use their
sword all the time to fight in combat.
When their kingdom was still in existence they were feared even by the
witches, this prompted the witches to use the suprise attack on their

Voski: Brothers and sisters are you all ready?
The Dwarfs: Yes!
Voski: Charge!!

The dwarfs all charged toward the monument puppets.

Ebuka: Do you think they can beat those things?
Timo: Let's hope they can.
Temi: I must confess, I wasn't expecting something like this.
Aisha: Me too.
Boyo: I also.
Clinton: Let's see what the dwarfs got!


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