Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 28)

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<< The Dragon Flame Blade >>

The dwarfs charged at the monument puppets.

Voski: We are seventeen and they are thirty, one to two. The remaining
two should provide backup for us.

They charged at the monument puppets, Voski struck a blow in heart of
one of the puppets and it made a crack. Blood dripped from his hand as
the other dwarfs dodged the blows of the puppets and were looking for
a chance to strike the puppets.

Voski: Men be careful, these momument puppets are stronger than
anything we have fought before.
Boski: Understood.

Boski got his chance and struck one of the puppets on the neck, he
jumped up and kicked another on the chest.
He looked up to check if his blow and kick did any good, only the one
he struck at the neck got a little crack while the other had no single

Boski: Oh man, Voski they are different.
Voski: Yes, just like I figured out.
Doski: I'm yet to strike a blow, these things are tough.
Voski: We have to do our best, hit them with greater intensity.
Greater strength and focus. Let's give it our best.
Boski & Doski: Yes!!
Voski: ( to the other dwarfs) Brother and sisters let's fight with
greater strength!!
All Dwarfs: Yes!!

(At The Witches Room)

Witch Bola: The dwarfs are trying their best.
Witch Sandra: They can try, but their best wouldn't help them now.
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, don't you think we should go over there and watch
instead of seeing them through the mirror?
Witch Bola: No, not yet. Let them get a little more tired before we go.
Witch Rose: Oh, it has been a very long time. Who knows where our old
friend Emeka could be right now?
Witch Haruna: That old fool, he must be somewhere now regreting his
meaningless life.
Witch Ngozi: We will deal with him.
Witch Bola: Yes, we just have to wait a little longer.
Witch Sandra: Let's watch those idiots fight.

(Back To The Fighting Scene)

The dwarfs goten exhausted.

Voski: (panting) We have just been able to take down two, if we try
for a while and we can't break them we will have no option than to
Boski: This is bad! Let's give it our best shot. Let see if we can burn them.

A dwarf named Kero jumped up very high and poured the puppets fuel,
Voski lighted the fire.

The intensity of the fire was very great, it covered the eyes of the
puppets. The puppets staggered around, they hit themselves on the wall
of the gate and some of them fell on the ground trying to put off the
fire with the sand. They were all red.

Voski: Nice work Kero!
Kero: Thanks boss!

(Back At The Six Swordmen)

Timo: It looks like they did it!
Ebuka: Hurray! Bravo Voski!
Boyo: What a relieve!

Just then the fire burning the monument puppets quenched, only seven
had died from the fire. The seven plus the two that were earlier
brought down made it twenty one monument puppets remaining.
Kero: (To Voski) Boss! This is bad.

Ebuka: This is bad!

Boski: What do we do now?
Doski: We are all exhausted.
Voski: Let's meet with the swordmen for an escape plan, fast before
they fully recover.
Doski: Okay, come on.

The dwarfs raced down to meet the six swordmen.

They reached there panting, they were all exhausted.

Voski: We have to retreat now before those monuments get strong again.
Clinton: Retreat? We have to do something.
Voski: That's nothing we can do, we have to retreat now.
Temi: Oh, so bad. We got here and we failed.
Voski: We didn't fail, the situation just got out of hand.
Ebuka: What are we waiting for then.
Clinton: Wait, I think it's time I try this sword.
(Clinton brought out the lightening sword).
Voski: The lightening sword? Also known as the Dragon flame blade.
Have you mastered the powers yet?
Clinton: No, take it and use it.
Voski: You are the chosen one, only you can use it. Try your best. I
bet it will cut through them.
Clinton: I will give it my best.

Clinton raised the sword up and it shined with the sun, he charged
toward the monuments.
The witches were suprised to see the sword.

Witch Bola: The Dragon Flame Blade?
Witch Ngozi: He is really the son of the great Abdulrasaq!

Clinton cut through a monument puppet and he was very happy that he
did that with just one strike.
The other swordmen were suprised but Voski smiled and said " he is
really the son of the great Abdulrasaq.
Temi: What?
Voski: Nothing.

Clinton charged toward the rest and suddenly the sword turned to red
flames and it consumed the whole monument puppets without Clinton
controlling it.

Voski: He did it!
Temi: Yes, he did it!

The witches were visibly angry.

Witch Bola: No! Let's go and stop them!
Witch Ngozi: Yes!!

The swordmen and the dwarfs jumped up and jubilated as Clinton smiled.


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