Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 29)

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<< The Giant Dogs >>

The dwarfs and the six swordmen got excited when Clinton took down the
monument puppets with his Dragon Flame Blade, the witches had already
been made angry by that and they were on their way to meet the six
swordmen and the seventeen dwarfs.

Clinton walked over to where the rest of his comrades were, together
with the dwarfs.

Voski: Nice job Clinton.
Clinton: Thanks.
Temi: That was something sweet.
Aisha: And amazing.
Ebuka: Wha a nice sword you got.
Clinton: Yes, but I don't know how to use the powers yet. Those red
flames came out of nowhere, they just struck!
Voski: Yes, you will have to learn how to use the powers.
Clinton: I have no clue on how to learn the powers and even mastering them.
Voski: When we are done here you will meet who handed this sword over to you.
Clinton: Okay, thanks alot. You dwarfs tried, you bought us time. I
appreciate your help.
Kero: Hey, don't worry you can say that after we are done here.
Voski: Yes, Kero is right. We have to get the objective of this mission done.
Boyo: Let's go on.
Voski: The witches might be on their way, so we have to be fast and
take the evidence we need. Once we have the evidence our mission ends.
Temi: Good, we are almost there.
Voski: Yes, let's go inside the island.
Clinton: Wait, the archers should get ready. I and Boyo encountered
giant dogs when we first came here.
Ebuka: Giant dogs? Mahn this scary stuff again.
Voski: Okay, archers you heard him. We all have to move together so no
one will be left behind. Let's move in!

The dwarfs and the swordmen made their way inside the island.

The witches were already on their way to meet them, they could have
easily appeared to them but they hadn't goten their full powers yet.

Witch Bola: We will show them no mercy.
Witch Ngozi: Yes, none of them will be alive.
Witch Sandra: This is going to be fun, it has been a while. Petty
humans, we will pay them back for what they did.
Witch Catherine: Yes, especially the son of the great Abdulrasaq.
Witch Ngozi: I suggest we should deal with him personal and not with the others.
Witch Bola: We want no delay, we will deal with all of them together.
Witch Kitana: Let them have a little fun before we get there.
Witch Bola: What do you mea?.
Witch Kitana: Command your dogs to go after them, atleast that will
keep things interesting before we get there.
Witch Bola: Yes, you are right. (She waved her magic wand) I have set
them loose, atleast that will keep things interesting just like you
said Kitana.

They all laughed as they continued walking.

(Back To The Six Swordmen And The Seventeen Dwarfs)

They have already began their search but all in the same group, they
didn't want to leave anyone behind.

Ebuka: Clinton I thought you said there are giant dogs?
Clinton: Yes.
Ebuka: But we haven't seen any yet.
Temi: You should be happy, it's better we do this without any disturbance.
Boyo: Yes, but just as we continue our search the archers should be at
alert. The dogs could come from any direction.
Ebuka: Okay, got that.

Just then the island began changing, all the structures that were
crystals changed to wood. Everything just changed as it did the first
time when Apha, Boyo and Clinton had come to the island.
They all looked up to get what was going on.

Aisha: What on earth is happening?
Voski: I told you all that it was just an illusion.
Aisha: Yes.
Boyo: And it also means that the witches are nearby, the dogs could be
here any moment.
Ebuka: And I lost my sword!

They heard a noise of running animals, with the sound on the ground
the animals could be said to be huge. It was the giant dogs!

Voski: The giant dogs are already here, archers get ready! Also light
the arrows with fire.

The archers lighted their arrows with fire and waited for the dogs,
the dogs all jumped to pounce on the swordmen and the dwarfs but some
of them were brought down by the archers.

Voski: Let's fight!

Voski jumped up and stabbed one of the dogs in its eye, it bleed and ran away.

Voski: Get their eyes if you can't get their hearts!

The archers targeted the giants dogs in their eyes since they found it
hard to get their heart, Clinton thought this could be a good
opportunity to use the power of the sword.

Clinton: I think I should slaughter them.
Voski: No, we are done.
Clinton: Huh? (Clinton looked and saw that the dogs have been defeated
as the rest retreated). Oh great.
Voski: Yes we are done!
Witch Bola: Not so fast!

They all looked forward and saw the witches.
The other four swordmen got frightened.

Ebuka: Are those the witches?
Clinton: Yes.


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