Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 30)

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<< Mission Completed >>

After the defeat of the giant dogs, Voski and the rest moved ahead to
continue in their search for an evidence.
They made to move when the witches appeared in front of them, the
dwarfs showed no fear because they have fought with the witches
before. It could be different this time since the seven witches
standing in front of them were the strongest in the whole seven dark
kingdom of the witches.
The swordmen except Clinton and Boyo were frightened because it was
the first they had ever set their eyes on them.
The witches looked like normal humans with just their black robes,
witch hat and their magic wands. They had done an anti-aging ike
(power/jazz) even before the great war began.

Witch Bola: You all have come this far but the end is here for you all.
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, I will eat your flesh.
Aisha: Ahh, that's disgusting.
Witch Ngozi: What is disgusting? You petty human! You don't know
anything about power. The more we eat your fleshes the more we get
stronger, and live longer.
Aisha: Ahh! Your end will be one day.
Voski: Aisha, wait.
Witch Ngozi: And you dwarfs, you will all go extinct here.
Voski: I'm afraid that won't happen.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, what a dwarf. I know these two (points at Clinton
and Boyo) are looking for their friend.
He is already dead, we will eat him later or use him in our little plan.
Clinton: You all won't go away with this. We will avenge Apha!
Witch Bola: What a little human, just because you came from a great
family line doesn't mean you can defeat me. Even your father couldn't
defeat me.

Clinton was angry but Voski restrained him when he wanted to charge at
Witch Bola.

Temi: What is he talking about Clinton and his father?
Voski: Nothing, they are just deranged creatures.
Witch Bola: You call who deranged? It was you and your kind that
brought your end to yourself. Your kind wanted to join forces with the
humans but we silented you people in just one night.
Voski: You will pay for it one day, but not today.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, I can remember the looks on their (the killed
dwarfs) faces when we burnt and slaughtered them all.

Voski remembered the good times he had with his family, tears ran down
from his eyes.
He was almost crying but Kero patted him.

Kero: Boss, don't let this bring you down. We will get them one day.
Voski: Thank you, our mission is clear here.
Witch Kitana: I say we suck their blood.
Witch Bola: Maybe, I will go with you here.

Clinton whisphered to Boyo about the necklaces the white witches gave
them, he told him that it was about time they try it out.

Clinton: Suck whose blood?
Witch Kitana: Yours ofcourse.
Clinton: I think you will have a change of mind later.

Clinton signalled to Boyo to bring out his necklace from the cloth he
wore that hid it, the both of them brought it out and a great light
shined at the 7 dark witches.

The light only affected the 7 dark witches.

Witch Ngozi: What is this light?
Witch Kitana: My eyes, blood! Blood!
Witch Bola: It can't be! It must be Lucy. Let's run.

The witches ran staggering about.

Ebuka: Can't we kill them now.
Voski: No, they can't die so easily. Even if they hadn't got their
full powers yet, we might fall for one of their tricks.

Clinton: Okay, let's go and accomplish our mission.
Kero: Yes!

The seventeen dwarfs and the six swordmen walked deep into the island
looking for an evidence.

Temi: Clinton, I'm happy. We can now prove you and Boyo's innocence to the king.
Clinton: Yes, thank you Temi. I really appreciate.
Temi: It's nothing. What are friends for?

They all walked happily, all of them with smiles on their faces.

They walked across a ball of crystal, enough to be held by a hand. It
was a crystal eye.

Voski: I know this, this is enough to prove to the king.
Clinton: What's it?
Voski: Crystal eye of giant bats, that's all I know about it. Everyone
knew about the bats during the great war, even your king.
Clinton: That means our mission has come to an end here.
Voski: Yes!
Kero: Great all of you.
Voski: Let's get out of here!

They are reached the shore, Voski was the one with the crystal eye.

They entered the canoes and paddled, heading to the other side.

Clinton: We are done here.
Boyo: Yes.

Back in the island a creature opened it's eyes and only an eye showed
red light.


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