Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 31)

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<< The Danger >>

The swordmen and the dwarfs were victorious in their mission, but
something seems to have happened.
A giant creature with just one eye showing a red light was awaken.
The six swordmen have been traveling toward the kingdom for a week,
they will soon be there any time sooner.
The dwarfs went to their separate path.

( At The White Witches Place)

Lucy: I sense evil.
Rosy: Me too sister.
Emily: Don't you think it has something to do with the crystal eye
Voski said they got.
Lucy: A giant bat eye, the evil one.
Rachael: Are you saying the bat must have be awaken.
Lucy: I think so.
Emily: That means trouble.
Lucy: Yes, trouble for Alimadu kingdom.
Emily: Only Alimadu kingdom?
Lucy: Yes, they only attack the people who takes something from them.
Unless their black witch mistress order them to attack others.
Emily: That means we have to tell the kingdom of Alimadu to take
precautions in case of any attack.
Lucy: Yes, the dwarfs will also go as a reinforcement.
Emily: The boy Clinton needs to master his powers soon.
Lucy: Yes, I will relate that to Emeka.

The six swordmen was almost at the gate of their kingdom, when the
dwarfs left Voski gave the crystal eye to Clinton.

Timo: Wo hu! We are almost home.
Temi: It has been a while.
Ebuka: Yes, I'm going to tell stories of how I fought monsters and beasts.
Timo: Hahaha, your sword broke. You couldn't strike a blow at the
monument puppets.
Ebuka: I can always get another sword.
Aisha: I forgot to buy flower when we passed the flower town.
Temi: Maybe next time.
Aisha: Yes.
Clinton: Temi, Aisha, Ebuka and Timo, I and Boyo really appreciate the
help you people offered us. It's nice to have you guys as comrades.
Boyo: Yes, really nice. We appreciate.
Ebuka: Come on, what are comrades for?
Temi: As long as you have us, we will always be there for you.
Clinton: Hmm, I got an idea.
Boyo: Let it out comrade.
Clinton: We should tell the king that the that the six of us wants to
work together as a separate squad.
Boyo: That's a great idea.
Ebuka: Sure.
Temi: That's great.
Aisha: Fine by me.
Timo: Me too.
Clinton: Okay, let's do it.

They passed through the gate, a lot of people saw them and started
jubilating. The palace was going to be filled with people that day,
people will be there to see if the boys were innocent or not.

(At Abdulrasaq's House)

Abdulrasaq in the front of his house staring at the beauty of nature.

Abdulrasaq: My son will be greater than me, he will conquer in every
battle. His name shall be written with the flames of the mighty Agbra

Just as he said that a guard of his came to see him.

Guard: Sir, you have a visitor.
Abdulrasaq: Who's it?
Guard: Kanu.
Abdulrasaq: That means the six swordmen are back, tell him that I will
be with him in a moment.
Guard: Yes sir.

Abdulrasaq smiled to the heavens and said "Clinton it is your time".

Abdulrasaq proceeded to meet Kanu in his living room. Kanu smiled as
he saw the great Abdulrasaq.

Kanu: Sir!
Abdulrasaq: Kanu, I know your visit means goodnews.
Kanu: Yes sir. They are back.
Abdulrasaq: You have to get Clinton here after they are done with the king.
Kanu: Yes sir.

The great wizard Emeka appeared.

Abdulrasaq: Emeka.
Emeka: My friend. There's a disturbing news.
Kanu: What?
Emeka: I and the white witches sensed evil, our suspicion will soon be
a reality.
Abdulrasaq: What's it?
Emeka: The giant bat whose crystal eye the swordmen collected will
attack the kingdom anytime soon.
Abdulrasaq: That's bad.
Emeka: Yes, we can only prevent that from happening if we send the
crystal to the waters.
Abdulrasaq: Then someone need to tell the king about the situation.
Kanu: I fear that the king will not let go of the crystal eye if he
gets it, I know him very well.
Emeka: That's bad, you just have to give it a try. The dwarfs are
already on their way as back up.
Abdulrasaq: Kanu you have to tell the king about this.
Kanu: Yes sir. (He left).

The great wizard also disappeared when Kanu left.

Abdulrasaq: I think this is just the beginning. The war will soon begin!


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