Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 32)

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(At The Dark Witches Place)
Witch Bola: Those stupid humans, they have brought doom to themselves.
We will watch from here and see how the miserable kingdom of Alimadu
will burn to ashes.
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, they were really stupid to take the crystal eye
of the giant evil bat.
Witch Bola: Hehehe, that is goodnews for us. After the giant bat is
done with Alimadu kingdom, we will give the kingdom the finishing
touch when we regain our powers.
Witch Kitana: Don't you think Emeka might interfere with this.
Witch Bola: That old fool, we will see how it goes.
Witch Kitana: Alright then I can't wait.
Witch Bola: Patience sisters.

The witches laughed as they waited for the expected destruction of
Alimadu kingdom.

It was already evening and a giant bat was on it way to the kingdom of Alimadu.

(Back At Alimadu Kingdom)

The king had first treated the six swordmen with a feast, that was the
perfect way to welcome such great swordmen.

King Chibueze: Now swordmen after you are done with your food, we will
head to the large opening at the front of the palace. There shall you
show the evidence to I and everyone.
Clinton: Yes sir.

After a while the six swordmen and the king accompanied by some guards
went over to the large opening in front of the palace, they stood on a
higher ground to be seen by all.

There were light torches all over the place, many people of the
kingdom were there.

King Chibueze: My people, today is the day these two here (pointing
at Clinton and Boyo) prove their innocence. Those who accompanied them
shall also tell their tale. Now Clinton where is the evidence?
Clinton: (Brings out the crystal eye which have suddenly turned red
shining over the place) Here it is.

The people of the kingdom were suprised as the intensity of the red
light from the crystal was great.

King Chibueze: Is that what I think it is?
Clinton: Yes my king.
King Chibueze: My people you have seen it for yourselves, we need to
brace up against any attack from the witches. However this is just the
first evidence, one of those who went with them should confirm.
Ebuka: It is true, witches still really exists. My sword broke when I
was fighting one of their puppets, we also travelled with the dwarfs.
One of the witches told us that Apha is dead.
King Chibueze: The dwarfs? So interesting. My people, haven gone this
far just to prove their innocence, I hereby pass my judgement. They
are innocent.

The six swordmen jubilated just at that moment the king declared the
two innocent, the people also cheered them up.

King Chibueze: Clinton give the evidence to one of my guard it will be
a part of our kingdom treasury.

Clinton gave the crystal eye to a guard who went inside the palace.

King Chibueze: Good, (turning to the six swordmen) do you people have
any favour to ask for?
Clinton: Yes.
King Chibueze: Say it.
Clinton: The six of us have agreed to be part of a separate squad together.
King Chibueze: It is done. Now you all can go and rest, come back
tommorow for the accreditation.
Clinton: Thank you sir.

The six swordmen left happily together, the people cheered them up.

Temi: We did it at last.
Clinton: Yes, you guys are wonderful.
Ebuka: It was quite an adventure, I feel more stronger now. I can take
on more dangerous enemies now.
Temi: Better get a new sword sooner.
Ebuka: Yes, I can't wait to tell those kids about the adventure.
Timo: I guess I will just stay on my own, reminiscing about the whole adventure.
Temi: I going to get a hot bath.
Aisha: Me too.
Boyo: I'm going to sleep like a baby.
Clinton: Oka, let's move on!


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