Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 33)

If you missed the episode 32 of this story, please read it here


<< The Danger Approaches >>

( At The Dwarf's Location )

The dwarfs have received words from the four white witches to get to
the kingdom of Alimadu as fast as they could, they are to provide back
up if the giant evil bat shows up.
The dwarfs were with horses this time.

Voski: I hope we make it there in time.
Boski: Yes, sure. We will make it.
Kero: (to Voski) Boss.
Voski: Yes.
Kero: Last time during the great war I didn't get to fight the bat,
but you did. So you must know a lot more about it.
Voski: The giant evil bats spits fire, I hope this one is not the white one.
Kero: A white giant bat?
Voski: Yes, it was created by the 7 dark witches during the great war.
We couldn't defeat it but the great wizard Emeka came to our aid, but
we don't know for sure whether it is really dead.
Kero: Oh wow, but Clinton has the Dragon Flame Blade. Maybe that will
help us if it's the white giant bat.
Voski: Yes, I hope so.

As Voski finish talking a giant shadow covered them in that night,
they looked up and it was the giant evil bat. This one was black.

Kero: (Amazed) Is that the....
Voski: Yes. And it's heading straight to the kingdom, we must hurry.
Kero: Yes, boss!

They kicked their horses as they rode faster, the giant evil bat had
already outrun them.

(At The King's Palace)

The king was in his palace, he was very happy because he got the
crystal eye. He wanted it in his own personal treasury but lied in
front of the people that it will be part of the kingdom's treasury.

King Chibueze: Guard, put that crystal ball eye in my personal treasury.
Guard: Sir....
King Chibueze: You heard me right.
Guard: Okay sir (He left).

King Chibueze: Now it belongs to me, what a treasure!

Another guard walked in and that brought the king out of the
imagination he was having when he instructed the other guard to keep
the crystal eye for him.

Guard: Sir you have a visitor.
King Chibueze: At this time? Who's he?
Guard: He said he is Kanu.
King Chibueze: Kanu? Let him in, it has been a while.

The guard left and brought in Kanu.

King Chibueze: Oh Kanu, it has been a very long time.
Kanu: Yes sir.
King Chibueze: So what brought you here today?
Kanu: Are you not happy to see an old friend?
King Chibueze: Not, it's just that....
Kanu: It's alright. It's about the crystal eye.
King Chibueze: What about it?
Kanu: Sir, you need to throw it to the waters or the kingdom will be
attacked by the giant bat who owns that eye.
King Chibueze: Hahaha, I thought you have no fear in you. One giant
bat wouldn't scare the whole kingdom of Alimadu.
Kanu: Imagine the harm it will do when it reaches the kingdom.
King Chibueze: Enough! You can go now.
Kanu: Okay sir (he left).

After Kanu left the king called one of his guard.

King Chibueze: Tell the commanders to keep watch in the sky and shoot
down any giant creature there.
Guard: Yes sir (he left).
King Chibueze: My treasure won't go anywhere (laughs).

Meanwhile Kanu went over to Clinton's house to tell him about the
incoming danger.
He knocked at the door and it was Clinton who opened it.

Clinton: Kanu it's you.
Kanu: Yes, you and your mother need to get out of here immediately.
Clinton: Why?
Kanu: A giant bat is going to attack the kingdom very soon.
Clinton: What?
Kanu: Yes, that crystal eye belongs to it.
Clinton: We need to tell the king.
Kanu: I have done that already, but he refused listening.
Clinton: This is bad, please can you wait? I have to tell my friends.
Kanu: Alright, be fast. Let your mother get things ready while you come back.

Clinton ran to look for the five other swordmen, fortunately for him
they too were on their way to meet him because their teacher sent for
He met them just a little distance from his home.

Clinton: Guys, we need to get out of here now!
Temi: Why?
Clinton: A giant bat is going to attack the kingdom, the crystal eye
belongs to the bat.
Boyo: Who told you that?
Clinton: A friend! Hurry let's leave.
Ebuka: Where are we going to run to?
Clinton: Just follow me.
Boyo: Our parents can take care of themselves.
Timo: Yes.

The five of the followed Clinton to his house, his mum and Kanu were
already ready.
They ran to the secret path, when they had almost goten out. They
heard fire! Fire! They looked up and saw a giant bat far in the sky at
the kingdom's gate.
Ebuka: Holy!
Kanu: Run!
They all followed Kanu.

Meanwhile the witches were watching the kingdom because the bat was there.

Witch Ngozi: Yes! Burn them all!
Witch Bola: Let the fire rain from hell!!


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