Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 1, Episode 25)

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<< No Need For A Plan >>

The six swordmen had left the flower town after the little fun they
had there, Clinton and Temi were becoming closer. The six of them saw
themselves as a squad forever, Clinton seems to be their leader as
many of the instructions they took came from him.
As they made their journey, Ebuka made them laugh various times and
they called him the squad comedian. They were all like one family and
they thought and wished for in their hearts as the continued the
journey to proof the innocence of Clinton and Boyo.
A new oath have they taken, it seems the six of them were all held by
a bond. A bond of friendship and loyalty!

Timo noticed Clinton sword was different from theirs, Clinton's sword
handle had a dragon engraved in it while the others had lions on

Timo: Clinton.
Clinton: Yeap!
Timo: Your sword is a bit or let me say very much different from ours.
Clinton: I figured out you guys will soon know, well it's a gift from someone.
Timo: Someone? Who could that be?
Clinton: Someone special, you all will get to know very soon.

Temi and others also noticed the sword.

Ebuka: A dragon? What a sword!
Temi: I remember seeing this kind of sword in a book, the book was
about the legendary swordmasters and the rare swords they had in their
Ebuka: Hmm, you read alot don't you?
Temi: Yeap!
Boyo: So which legendary swordmaster possesed this sword?
Temi: The great Aldulrasaq!
Aisha: Wow! I remember the name, the lightening sword, the great
Abdulrasaq used in in killing the witches.
Temi: Yes, you are right.
Timo: If that's so, how did get to Clinton?
Clinton: Well, you guys will get to know later.
Boyo: Huh? What are you hiding?
Clinton: Nothing, I'm just fortunate that's all.
Boyo: Well, since you said we will know later then we will wait.
Clinton: Alright then!
Aisha: How far are we yet?
Boyo: In a day or two we will be there.
Aisha: So what are we going to do to have fun till then.
Clinton: Let's just move ahead, who knows? We might find something
interesting to do.
Aisha: Okay.

The six of them journey till another two days and they got to the
boundary of the forest they saw the wolves.

Clinton: Here we are! Brace up comrades we are here.
Temi: Oh yea, what now?
Clinton: We have to approach with caution, there are giant wolves here.
Ebuka: I think this is a bad idea.
Timo: Clinton! Do you have a plan?
Clinton: We fight!
Ebuka: Are you out of your mind.
Timo: We need a plan!
Voski: No need for a plan.

The six of them turned around to see who said that there was no need
for a plan, they saw it was Voski and the other dwarfs were behind

Clinton: Oh it's you Voski.
Voski: Yes!
Clinton: Why did you say we have no need for a plan?
Voski: I and my men have already taken care of the giant wolves.
Temi: Aww, what bravery!
Timo: Bravo! Bravo!
Voski: Alright! Let's get to work!


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