Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 1)

<< Rain Of Fire >>

The giant bat hovered very high in the sky, its colour would have
blended with the night if not for the moon.

It was the swordmen of Alimadu kingdom that was shouting fire, they
sighted the bat when it reached the kingdom.

Commander 1: (to the archers) Ready!! Fire!

The archers at the front gate of the kingdom fired arrows into the sky
targeting the giant black bat, but it dodged almost all the arrows.
Few that touched it had no effect.

Commander 1: But why did the arrows have no effect on it.
Archer 1: Commander, I have read about this giant bats somewhere. I
think the great Abdulrasaq and the dwarfs invented special arrows for
killing them.
Commander 1: Does that mean we stand no chance in killing the bat?
Archer 1: It seems so sir.
Commander 1: We are not going to stop! This is our kingdom and we must
defend it with our lives. Archers!!

The archers yelled so loud as the commander called them.

Commander: Fire! This is our kingdom and we must win, victory is ours
for the taking. So fire and defend the kingdom! Fire!

The archers fired at the giant black bat but it still had no effect.

Commander 1: Archers! Add fire to your arrows!

Just as the archers were about adding fire to their arrows the giant
bat shaked its wings, the wind brought down some of the archers. They
screamed as they fell.
After the wind the bat blew fire and the wind helped the fire to
spread wide. All the archers were on fire including the commander,
they all fell. Few died instantly while the rest were burnt
immediately beyond recognition.

The bat headed inside the kingdom as it blew fire around.
The kingdom was in commotion.

(At The King's Palace)

Security was beefed up at the palace, many swordmen were in different
strategic positions. All kinds of weapons used for killing aerial
beings were in the palace.

King Chibueze: (Talking to the chief swordman of the kingdom, Femi) I
hope every preparation have been made.
Femi: Yes sir! All the swordmen and archers are all in their positions.
King Chibueze: Good, any word from the front gate?
Femi: Yes, it's bad news sir.
King Chibueze: What?
Femi: They all fell in battle with the giant bat.
King Chibueze: You mean all at the front gate?
Femi: Yes sir! But many squads are now after the bat.
King Chibueze: What if the bat gets to the palace?
Femi: It wouldn't sir.
King Chibueze: I said what if?
Femi: We will take it down! All kinds of weapons used for aerial
enemies are in the palace.
King Chibueze: Good, I know I can trust you but just in case the bat
reach here I will use the underground path.
Femi: No problem sir.

There was still commotion in the kingdom, houses were burnt with both
people and livestocks inside.
There was cry all over the place, parents and children were separated
from each other.
The rain of fire was happening in the kingdom.

(Back To The Dwarfs)

The dwarfs were almost at the kingdom, they could see smokes very high
in the sky. The night was brightened by the moonlight.

Voski: It seems it has started.
Boski: Yes, I have a feeling that's it's going to be just like old times.
Doski: Yes, yes. Old memories huh.
Boski: Yea, the smokes of war.
Voski: This is not time to remember past memories, we need to hurry!
Kero: Yes, boss is right. We can talk about the old times after we are
through with the bat tonight.
Boski: Yes, let's move on.

The dwarfs fired down to the kingdom as they were almost there.

(At The Witches Place)

Witch Bola: Sisters the rain of fire have begun.
Witch Kitana: Yes it has been a while.
Witch Sandra: This will show those petty humans just a little of our
powers, just a little.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, we will be free very soon.
Witch Ngozi: The old fool Emeka didn't show up.
Witch Catherine: Maybe his old age is telling on him.
Witch Bola: Or maybe he lost all his powers in the great war.
Witch Ngozi: Really?
Witch Bola: Well, that will wait for another day. Let's watch the
kingdom of Alimadu burn!

( At The King's Palace)

The bat was burning all that was in its path and was heading for the palace.

Femi: We have a disturbing report sir.
King Chibueze: What's it?
Femi: The bat is heading for the palace.
King Chibueze: (afraid) What??


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