Explanation To The Poem "The Will Of Fire"

The poem "The Will Of Fire" was an idea I got from my favourite anime
series Naruto/Naruto Shippuden.

It is the will/desire to protect your comrades/friends and always be
there for them when available.

In the anime it was this will of fire that kept Konoha alive and its
people saw themselves as one big family.

The will of fire made the people of Konoha see another as a part of
the big family (Konoha) and they were united as one.

So what did you just learn from this?

You have to be always their for your friends, see everyone as family.

If only everyone in this planet have the will of fire in them, then
the planet would have been a better place than it is.

Do you have the will of fire?

If yes, keep it up and influence others with it.

If no, then emulate the will of fire.

Read the poem here


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