How Every Human Action Affects All

After reading this short article you will stop saying this to someone;
"wetin concern me if you spoil". Bros, e concern you!!

Almost everyone have said how another person lives his or her life
doesn't concern them, I know it is their own private life but how they
live their life really concerns you.

Every human is directly or indirectly connected to one another, the
action of one human affects every human. The effect might be in
different stages, hot, warm and cold but it must surely get to every

What trigger this connection is that humans are influenced by what
they see or hear.

Let me explain what I mean by the hot, cold and warm stages.

Hot: Those who are affected with this stage of another person's action
are those who the action was done against/for, or those who were
present when the action took place.

Warm: This stage affects those who comes in contact with people of the
hot stage. They are somehow close to those who did the action or
witness the action of the hot stage.

Cold: This stage is for those who merely heared that the action took
place and what happened after.

Both three stage humans are affected in different degrees.

Note that the action of someone can influence those around him and it
spreads round.

For example, let's say a boy Femi is a criminal and you Akpan is a
business man. Whenever your hear Femi you always say "it doesn't
concern me what the boy turns to".

It is you concern because you don't know how Femi's actions may affect you.

Femi might one day kidnap you, now that Femi have kidnapped you will
you repeat your former statement? No.

Or maybe Femi may not even kidnap you, Femi may kill a rival gang
member. The rival gang might go mad and destroy everything in the
neighbourhood including your warehouse and shop.

You as Mr. Akpan will cry and see that Femi's actions really concerns you.

Like I said before every human action affects everyone. Mr. A might
influence Mr. B, Mr. B will influence Mr. C. Mr. C will trave to
another place and influence those living there.

This is how all humans actions affects everyone.

Have you ever gone to a far place and find yourself saying, "when did
this thing get here?".
Or "who told these people about this?".

I sure you might have asked yourself those questions, the truth is
that what made you to ask that question will be all over the place in
no time just like latest trends spread fast.

Please try your best to correct someone who you see to be going
astray, though it is their personal life you have to play a little
part because their actions affects you one way or the other.

Thanks For Reading......

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