Must Read!! Why Are Nigerians Labelled Copycats?

I know this is not the first time you are seeing Nigeria and the word
copycats together, many nations even the ones in the Western Africa
see Nigerians as more copycats.

If you take a look at Nigeria you will agree with me that is true, let
me say 70% of businesses are copied from others. It may be more than
that percentage but I don't have funds to go for a survey, if this
trend continues then the nation will be in a very sorry state.

Most of the things copied are from the western world, such as their
mode of dressing, laws e.t.c.
The western world have influenced Nigerians alot, but one thing I
don't understand is why Nigerians tend to copy mostly the bad of
everything instead of most good.

I am not comparing, judging or codemning what you may want to copy,
what looks nice to others may look bad to others. To be truthful there
are somethings everyone knows is generally bad.

Now let's come back to the topic, most Nigerians watch western movies
and see the nice stuffs in it and they be like "hey I'm going to try

They will forget that it was a movie they just watched and not
reality, Nigerians wouldn't listen instead they will be going astray
when they try what they watched in the movie.

Other nations and continents makes movies that will attract tourism
into their country e.g India.

Well, I said before that the western and first world countries have
positive things we could copy from but Nigerians think the opposite,
they forget that we are not in America/U.K or any of the first world

Other nations didn't become great through copycats, they were doing
their own unique things and it paid them very well. The executive
alone can't make the country great, we the citizens are needed to take
an active role.

The copycat syndrome of Nigeria is not only external but internal, it
is in many agencies and units of the country.
Let's say someone next door started a business after doing his/her
analysis and the business starts growing like a wild fire, the next
day you will see everyone in the street engage in the same business.

That is bad and it means doom ahead for our nation, it is killing the
creative spirits of the masses.

This trend must stop, the creative minds in the country should wake up
and do something about it.

It is going to be hard at first, but if we work hard we will awake the
creative minds we have in the nation.
We have to start definitely from the grassroots, where?

Our schools! Our schools is a breeding place for copycats, everything
starts in the school.
In the school there are many students who don't write
assigments/research on their own, if this ones pass from school they
will continue copying and not being creative and unfortunately they
may infect those with creative minds with their copycat syndrome.
Certain measures should be taken to curb this copycat syndrome, laws
and measures should be placed that will encourage/awake the creative
minds we have in the country.

Please, please and please! Let's make our country grow by being
unique, other countries grew because their citizen thought of new
things to do and help their countries.

So my fellow Nigerians let's be unique and together we shall make our
country great!

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