Rap Freestyle: JackoPhites

This freestyle is dedicated to my fellow Jackophites!

Hello to my fellow Jackophites
Na book we dey read no be fight
When light no dey we dey use candle
Zero activitiy on our twitter handle
Social network zero on our mind
Na only jacking dey our mind

Hello to my fellow Jackophites

We burn the midnight candle
Any distraction is cancelled
We are the great men of tomorrow
We jack hard so for hall we no go borrow

Hello to my fellow Jackophites

We hardly have time for ourselves
Friends be like you self
I wish they could just understand
Where our leg stands
We got to do this for the future
So we can be featured

Hello to my fellow Jackophites

A whole day is not enough
Biology is my jollof
Physics is my kpomo
Blue is the colour
I'm reading Geography check the cotours

Hello to my fellow Jackphites

Don't feel so down my niggas
We dey blow exams like cigar
Our hustle go pay one day
In Jacking name we pray!


Jackophites I hope you are reading this.

© Team Clintonwrites.com

This Freestyle Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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