The Rape - Episode 1

The Rape is a new story coming from


A girl Rose in her early twenties was gang raped by her most trusted
friend in the world Charlie and his friends, investigation was
launched into the case but Charlie and his friends came out clean
because they have a connection in the police.

Will Charlie and his friends be held to justice at the end?

What was their motive for raping Rose?

Follow the story to know.


<< A Suprise >>

Rose was eating breakfast with her family in the morning when Charlie
called, she picked it and said she will call back later.
Her father saw the smile on her face and asked who she was talking to.
Her father was the CEO of Beverage International Nig Ltd, he came to
stay with his family because he was a little bit free. His name was

Bassey: What's that smile on your face for?
Rose: Oh Dad, it's my boyfriend Charlie.
Bassey: The Charlie I know?
Rose: Yes dad.
Bassey: You know you still have to do your Masters degree at the U.K
next year, so no distraction is needed.

Rose's mother Chika interfered in the conversation as Rose twin
brothers Akpan and Agbo who were eighteen paid more attention to the
plates of fried rice and roasted chicken in front of them.

Chika: (to Mr.Bassey) Darling have you forgetten when we both started dating?
Bassey: (smiles) That was then, things have changed.
Chika: That's right, but a boyfriend shouldn't be a distraction for
Rose. I know my daughter, she's hardworking and always comes out top
in anything she does.
Bassey: I have spoken, it is left for her to listen.
Rose: Don't worry Dad, I wouldn't do anything that will dissapoint the family.
Bassey: Good to hear.

They all finished eating, thirty minutes later Rose had forgot to call
Charlie back.

A friend of her Rebecca visited, Rebecca was a fair thick (not fat)
girl. Many guys are attracted to her, she moves with the big men in
the city but always made sure she got no STDs/STIs.

She had gone out twice with Rose's father but no one knew, Rebecca
didn't meet Mr. Bassey home that day because he left to the golf site
with his wife Chika.

Even though Rebecca was a high class runs girl she had a good heart
and always stood up to defend her friends, at her chosen moments she
donates to the needy.

Rose: Rebecca darling how are you?
Rebecca: I'm fine sis.
Rose: So what brought you here by 9am.
Rebecca: You don't like the time I came or what? Are you expecting
your boyfriend?
Rose: No, it's just that this is the first time you came over at this
time of the day.
Rebecca: No problem sis.
Rose: Ehen, since you mentioned boyfriend I just remembered that I
have to call Charlie.
Rebecca: Charlie? You don't need to trust that guy.
Rose: Why? He's so good to me, he adores me so much.
Rebecca: I know almost everyone in this town, that Charlie works in a
rival company that is against your father.
Rose: What doer that mean? He works there and that doesn't mean he is
against my father.
Rebecca: What if he is pretending to love you just go get information
about your father's company or have other ulterior motives?
Rose: Rebecca I don't really understand where you are heading to about
Charlie, has he done anything bad to you?
Rebecca: No Rose but I don't trust him, just be careful around him.
And if possible don't walk with him alone at night.
Rose: Okay o, I have heard you.

The both of them talked for a while and Rebecca went out.

It was time for Rose to call Charlie so she dialed his number.

Charlie: Hello Rosy.
Rose: Charlie love, I'm sorry for not calling early enough.
Charlie: It's no problem, are you free tonight? I have a suprise for
you tonight.
Rose: Aww, so romantic. I will be available, my Dad wouldn't be a
problem because I have my mother on my side.
Charlie: Okay then, we will meet at the OKs cinema, I will buy tickets
for the two of us.
Rose: Wow, so what's the movie?
Charlie: The Rape.
Rose: The Rape? No problem, I will make it in time.
Charlie: You don't need to hurry, the time is 9pm.
Rose: Okay, expect my call tonight.

Rose was so happy, a suprise? She thought maybe it could be an
engagement ring, and then what Rebecca told her flashed through her
mind but she waved it off as nonsense.


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