The Rape - Episode 2

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Rose waited until it was evening, she was anxious than ever.
What could be this suprise that Charlie has for me? She asked herself
over and over again, her parents and two siblings couldn't help but
notice her.

Akpan: Sister you look so exicited as in someone expecting something
very..... I don't know the word to describe it.
Agbo: I couldn't help but notice too, so sis what'sup?
Rose: You two are still little, you both won't understand.
Akpan: You call eighteen little?
Rose: I'm older than you two, so don't compare your experiences with mine.
Akpan: Just four years difference.
Rose: Four years is worth it, isn't it?
Agbo: Ehen, atleast tell us what you are up to.
Rose: Don't worry, when I come back you two will know.

Chika and Mr. Bassey who had left earlier came back again.

Chika: My darling daughter whatsup with you this evening?
Rose: I have a date with Charlie today, he said he has a suprise for me.
Chika: Suprise? Hmm, that sounds nice.
Mr. Bassey: Rose I have told you to be careful with that Charlie, your
top priority now should be your education and nothing else.
Chika: She's no longer a child, she knows what's good for her.
Mr. Bassey: She is my daughter and I know what is good for her, a good
father always wants the best for his children.
Chika: You are right, but she is now a grown up.
Mr. Bassey: If you permit her to go on this date whatever happens will
be on you.
Chika: I accept but nothing bad is going to happen to my daughter.
Mr. Bassey: Okay (he leaves).

Rose went and hugged her mum.

Rose: Mum thank you very much.
Chika: You are welcome, now go and prepare for the date. Bring me the
goodnews of the suprise.
Rose: Thanks mum.

Rose went in and took her bath, then she proceeded to do her make up.

Meanwhile back at the living room Chika was with her two twins.

Akpan: Mum, why is Dad so worried about Rose meeting the so called Charlie?
Chika: Don't mind your father, he can be too serious some times.
Agbo: I don't think sister Rose should go.
Chika: You too are just kids so you wouldn't understand.
Akpan: You call an eighteen year old a kid?
Chika: You two should go to your rooms jhoor, let my beautiful
daughter receive a great suprise today.
Akpan: Agbo let's go and play PS.
Agbo: Okay jare.

The twins left and Rose came into the parlour where only her Mum was,
she wore a white dress that could barely reach her knees.

Chika: Oh my darling daughter, you look gorgeous. Charlie will be in
an extra good mood today.
Rose: Thank you mum, I have to go now. Tell Dad that I will be coming back late.
Chika: Okay.

It was already 8pm when Rose left, the OKs Cinema was just 20minutes
by car. This time she didn't use her own car but boarded a taxi, in
the taxi she called Charlie that she was on her way.

In the taxi she played her favourite musics as she danced in the taxi,
the taxi driver looked at her several times and wondered what could be
in the mind of the young lady.

She reached OKs Cinema and called Charlie that she was around, he told
her to come over to the restaurant near the cinema.

Charlie was full of smile when he saw her, the atmosphere was great
for Rose but deep in Charlie's mind was his evil intent.

Charlie: Baby you look charming.
Rose: Thank you my prince.
Charlie: I wish we could just marry very soon.
Rose: Yes, I wished so too but my Dad is so crazy about me getting a
Masters Degree.
Charlie: He's your father, he probably wants the best for you.
Rose: I'm already a grown up so I know what's good for me.
Charlie: Hmm, so what does your father say about me?
Rose: Well you know that people of my father's age don't understand
this present generation, he just always said that I should be careful
around you but my mother have always been my backbone.
Charlie: Hmm, so my future father-in-law doesn't like me. Do you think
that's good?
Rose: No darling, but you don't have to worry. By the time we are both
ready my mother will convince him, I trust my Mum she will change his
mind in no time.
Charlie: Hmm, I pray so. Maybe because the CEO of my company is his
enemy he may think am a spy, I hope he changes his mind.
Rose: Don't worry darling he will.
Charlie: (looks at his watch) It's almost time for the movie, let's hurry.
Rose: Okay.

They both hurried to watch the movie.
Rose felt that she was with the best man in the world while Charlie
was deep in his heart calculating his evil intent.


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