The Rape - Episode 3

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Charlie and Rose walked into the cinema to watch the movie that will
soon be aired.

Rose: Darling what did you say was the name of the movie?
Charlie: (smiles) The Rape.
Rose: What a name? Why did you choose such a movie?
Charlie: Don't worry, it's interesting. I read about the movie online
few days ago at the office, don't worry you will like it.
Rose: I hope so.

Rose thought in her mind, Charlie wasn't like he used to be. Charlie
had a change of tune when they entered the cinema, she heared an
ominous sound in her head. Fear gripped her.

What is wrong? Rose asked herself, what kind of feeling am I having?
Is something bad going to happen to me? This new grip of fear, I have
never been afraid whenever Charlie was with men. Why am I afraid now?
She asked herself.

She heared the ominous sound in her head again and fear grippped her the more.

She recalled when one of his younger brother said it wouldn't be a
good idea for her to go, was he right? She asked herself.

Rebecca flashed into her mind, she also recalled what Rebecca told her
earlier that day.
It was about Charlie, Rebecca had warned her about Charlie.
She wondered why three people could warn her about the same thing in a
day. It was somehow ominous to her. "Daddy please forgive me if
anything bad happens", she said to herself.

She was still on her thoughts when Charlie patted her, she kind of
almost screamed.

Charlie: Rose what's the matter?

Did he just call her Rose? On a date he has a suprise for her? This
isn't like him, Rose told herself.

Rose: Oh sorry, I was deep on my thoughts.
Charlie: What were you thinking about?
Rose: (waits for a moment) I was thinking about what the suprise could be.
Charlie: Oh, it's a suprise. After the movie we will talk about that.
Rose: Alright.

The movie started, it started when a boy called his girlfriend that
they were going on a date and he had a suprise for her, it was just an
hour movie.

Rose had another thought, this was what Charlie said to her too.
Exactly the same way. She had a little panick within and said she will
wait till the movie was over, maybe she will know Charlie true

The movie was just going the same way Rose day went, could this be why
Charlie said they should watch the movie?
It reached the part where the boy asked the girl to follow her outside
for the suprise, just then Charlie also asked Rose to follow him
outside for the suprise.

Rose felt happy but at the same time wanted to finish the movie, so
she could possibly know what Charlie was up to.

Rose: Great, I can't wait my darling.
Charlie: Follow me.

Rose followed Charlie as they both walked out of the cinema.

Rose: I wish to see the suprise but don't you think we should have
finished the movie?
Charlie: Yes, but I know you won't like the end.
Rose: You knew that? Why did you choose the movie at first?
Charlie: Follow me and you will get to know.
Rose: Okay.

Charlie led her to a quiet lane.

Charlie: This place is quiet and well suited for the suprise, no one
will see us.
Rose: Yes, good.

Four men came out of nowhere.

Charlie: Don't be afraid Rose, they are my friends.
Rose: (afraid) Your friends?
Charlie: Yes.

The four men kept walking with them without uttering any word.

Charlie: You wanted to know how the movie ended right?
Rose: Sure.
Charlie: When the boy led the girl to a quiet lane four men came out,
the girl was afraid just as you are now. The boy told her that the men
were his friends.
Rose: Is that all?
Charlie: No. The boy and the four men gang raped her.
Rose: What?
Charlie: Yes, the same way we will gang rape you!
Rose: (frightened) Charlie.... But why?

The four men grabbed her and closed her mouth.

Charlie: I was just a spy like your father suspected, I couldn't get
you to talk so I will just rape you. Then the news will be that the
only daughter of the CEO of Beverage International Nig. Ltd is a
wayward party freak.
Boys let's do it!

The four men carried her to an empty building nearby, they left her
mouth open. She begged Charlie but it all fell on deaf ears.

She screamed and cried as they tore her dress and took turns in raping her.

She passed out after she couldn't bear it anymore. The four men and
Charlie laughed at her after they were done, they ran when they heard
some movements in their direction.


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